Model #EFME427UIW0 Electrolux dryer

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    Dryer High-Limit Thermostat#33

    Burner Diagram

    Dryer high-limit thermostat

    Part #3204267
    In Stock
    Dryer Heating Element#1

    Burner Diagram

    Dryer heating element

    Part #137114000
    In Stock
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    MSRP: $190.00
    Appliance High-Temperature Adhesive

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    Appliance high-temperature adhesive

    Part #5308027429
    In Stock
    Dryer Moisture Sensor and Grille Assembly#8

    Front panel/lint filter Diagram

    In Stock
    Dryer Blower Wheel#9

    Motor Diagram

    Dryer blower wheel

    Part #5304513609
    In Stock
    Dryer Idler Assembly#23

    Motor Diagram

    Dryer idler assembly

    Part #134793500
    Replaced by #134793511
    Manufacturer substitution
    This part replaces 134793500. Substitute parts can look different from the original.
    In Stock
    Dryer Motor Clamp#27

    Motor Diagram

    Dryer motor clamp

    Part #134242400
    This item is not returnable
    In Stock
    Dryer Water Inlet Valve#61

    Cabinet/drum Diagram

    In Stock
    Dryer Blower Housing Seal#5

    Motor Diagram

    In Stock
    Dryer Bolt, 0.25-20 x 1.25-in#20

    Motor Diagram

    In Stock

    Symptoms common to all dryers

    Choose a symptom to see related dryer repairs.

    Main causes: bad drum support roller, damaged idler pulley, broken blower fan blade, worn drum glide bearing, bad drive motor
    Main causes: bad gas valve coils, broken heating element, tripped safety thermostat or fuse, bad operating thermostat, control failure
    Main causes: bad timer or electronic control board, door switch failure
    Main causes: lack of electrical power, bad power cord, wiring failure, bad control board, blown thermal fuse, bad door switch
    Main causes: clogged exhaust vent, bad motor relay, loose dryer door catch, bad door switch, control system failure, faulty drive motor
    Main causes: damaged door strike, worn door catch
    Main causes: door switch failure, lack of power, broken belt, blown thermal fuse, bad drive motor, control system failure
    Main causes: clogged exhaust system, heating system failure, deposits on moisture sensor, control system failure

    Repair guides common to all dryers

    These step-by-step repair guides will help you safely fix what’s broken on your dryer.

    August 1, 2014
    By Lyle Weischwill
    How to replace a dryer drum support roller

    If your dryer thumps or squeals, replace the drum support roller to restore quiet to your home.

    Repair difficulty
    Time required
     90 minutes or less
    August 1, 2014
    By Lyle Weischwill
    How to replace a dryer thermistor

    The thermistor senses the air temperature in the dryer. If your dryer overheats or doesn't heat at all, the thermistor could be the problem.

    Repair difficulty
    Time required
     30 minutes or less
    August 1, 2014
    By Lyle Weischwill
    How to replace a dryer idler pulley

    The idler pulley exerts pressure keeps the drive belt tight so it can rotate the drum. A worn idler pulley squeals or squeaks when the dryer is running. Follow these instructions to replace it.

    Repair difficulty