Official Frigidaire parts

If your Frigidaire appliance isn't working properly, you might think you need a replacement. However, it may come down to a simple fix that you can do yourself by replacing broken parts.

Solutions to potential Frigidaire issues

Check your appliance to see if you're facing any of these common problems.

  1. Frost is forming in the Frigidaire refrigerator—This can be an internal temperature issue, or it may simply result from liquid being left inside the refrigerator. Quite often, though, a frosty fridge means bad, dried-out gaskets. If even a small leak in a gasket allows air and moisture to get through, it can compromise everything inside the refrigerator. Replace bad gaskets immediately.
  2. The Frigidaire washing machine won't drain—The drain pump is responsible for draining the water inside the drum during the wash cycle. If the washer isn't draining, try replacing the pump. Remember to unplug the washer and wear protective gloves when inspecting and replacing the part.
  3. The Frigidaire dishwasher is leaking—Check the drain hose and see if the hose clamp is properly holding the end of the hose in place. It may just need an adjustment, but if the clamp has broken or the hose has punctured, it may be necessary to purchase a new clamp and hose.

Troubleshooting air conditioner parts

The average life span of a room air conditioner is 10 years. However, air conditioners can still experience problems whether due to regular wear and tear or damage to the unit.

A window air conditioner that runs but doesn't cool a room could be caused by something as simple as a dirty air filter or as complicated as a faulty electronic control board. It's important to determine what's wrong with your unit to figure out which parts may need cleaning or replacing. If your unit just isn't working properly, you may need to replace one or more of these parts:

  1. Air filter—Simply put, the air filter is the thin mesh screen that grabs hold of dust, dirt and debris flowing in with the outside air. This part is inexpensive, easy to check and simple to replace. Some air filters can also be cleaned with soap and water as a preventive measure to avoid replacing them too often. If the only thing keeping you from fresh, cool air is a dirty air filter, you’re in luck.
  2. Compressor—The compressor is the part of the air conditioner that compresses refrigerant into liquid. Any project involving a broken compressor, a refrigerant leak or a lack of refrigerant must be completed by a licensed professional.
  3. Evaporator thermistor—An evaporator thermistor is a sensor that detects temperatures on the evaporator of an AC system. If the evaporator thermistor is failing, your system will not be able to send a signal to turn on or off the coolant feature, therefore creating problems in generating cool air from room-temperature air.