Official Bosch parts

Bosch appliances and tools are designed to last for many years. If yours are fairly new but aren't working properly, you may need to replace one or several parts to get them back in working order.

Troubleshooting a range of Bosch appliances

Is your Bosch dryer making a loud rumbling noise? It may be time to replace the drum support rollers. These are located along the edge of the drum, usually near the bottom of the dryer and they can wear out over time.

If your Bosch dishwasher doesn't drain, there may be a clog in the drain line. Check the drain line immediately. If the drain line isn't clogged, the drain pump or hose may need to be replaced.

If your Bosch refrigerator is freezing your food, check the internal temperature setting. You may just need to adjust the setting. If adjusting the internal temperature doesn't remedy the issue, you might need to replace the thermostat or temperature sensor.

Common wall oven problems

For an electric oven, be sure that the oven is plugged in properly and that the fuse isn't blown. If you have a gas oven, check that the gas supply valve in your house is open and that the tubing from the oven is properly attached to the gas line. If you check these things and they're set up correctly, then it's time to take a look at some parts within the oven.

Here are five wall oven parts that often need to be replaced:

  1. Control thermostat—As the switch that controls heating within the oven, the control thermostat is a crucial component to proper baking. It will need to be replaced if it doesn’t work at all, doesn’t turn on the heater when the temperature is too low or doesn’t turn off the heater when the temperature is too high above the set baking temperature.
  2. Igniter—For a gas wall oven, two crucial components are the safety gas valve and glow-bar oven igniter. This igniter works to heat up enough to safely release gas from the safety gas valve. If the igniter doesn’t glow or doesn’t get hot enough to open the safety gas valve, then it may need to be replaced.
  3. Temperature sensor probe—The temperature sensor probe is located within the oven cavity and senses the temperature of the air inside the oven, telling the oven to either heat up or cool down depending on the temperature you set. If you see that the sensor isn't properly reading the temperature and causing the oven to maintain a different temperature than the one you set, it may need to be replaced.
  4. Bake or broiler element—The bake or broiler elements are the glowing tubes on the top and bottom of the inside of your Bosch wall oven. The bake element is the tube along the bottom of the oven while the broiler element is the one along the top. If either of these elements fails to heat up, you will run into issues with your oven maintaining proper temperature. Replace either the bake or broiler element, depending on which one is malfunctioning.
  5. Electronic oven control board—The electronic oven control board is your main control of oven temperature, and it may need to be replaced if the oven isn't maintaining the right temperature.