Official Swisher parts

Swisher makes machines for outdoor use, producing items such as the high-wheeled gas line trimmers, walk-behind lawn mowers, log splitters, riding mowers and lawn tractors. There are a lot of moving parts on these machines that get worn with use.

Your riding mower is more than the sum of these parts

  • The engine is the heart that pumps life into your mower. It houses essentials like the carburetor, pistons and crankshaft.
  • The transaxle spins the wheels to keep your tractor physically moving.
  • The steering system includes the levers, linkages and shafts necessary to turn your tractor and keep it running in the proper direction.
  • Your seat base contains not only a seat, back and arms but also the safety switch that shuts off the engine if you’re not sitting in the seat when the tractor is moving.
  • Parking brake systems include the parts to keep your lawn tractor from moving when parked.
  • Frame portions have a beverage holder, fenders, battery box, bumpers and the base and covers.
  • The deck lift adjusts your mower deck up and down.
  • Mandrel pulleys spin the shafts that connect to the cutting blades on the mower deck.
  • The mowing deck covers the blades and house the mandrel pulleys. The blade belt and idler pulleys help control blade rotation.
  • Decals label critical mower parts and stickers warn you of dangerous areas and zones.
  • Wiring flows throughout your riding mower; it helps all systems to function correctly.

How to identify and fix elements of your Swisher equipment

  1. Gas-powered line trimmers should be carefully examined after winter storage. Before starting your trimmer, make certain no fuel was left in the trimmer. If it was stored with fuel in it, do not attempt to start your trimmer. Replace the old fuel with fresh gas. Check fuel lines for any residue before filling the tank with fresh fuel and starting your trimmer.
  2. Walk-behind lawn mowers that produce unevenly cut grass likely have dull or worn blades. Blades in poor condition cause grass ridges, streaking, scalping and stepped cutting patterns. Sharpen or replace the mower blades.
  3. If your riding mower or tractor does not want to start, you may have a clogged carburetor. Rebuild the carburetor using a kit or replace the carburetor if cleaning it doesn’t help.
  4. Hydraulic log splitters have cylinder rods that occasionally freeze. Look over the shaft coupling as it may be loose. Tighten the pump alignment or engine screws periodically as the vibration from the splitter causes loose parts.

Sears PartsDirect carries replacements for worn Swisher parts

Manufacturer-approved parts that fit your Swisher machine are available through Sears PartsDirect. From essential items from hydraulic hoses and pumps for your log splitter to tires and blades for your lawn tractor, Sears PartsDirect has the parts you need.