Official Jenn-Air parts

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Are you having issues with your Jenn-Air appliance?

If your Jenn-Air dishwasher doesn't fill with water, check the water inlet valve. It's typically located behind the bottom-front panel. Make sure to shut off the hot water first. Then, examine the valve. The inlet opening on the valve has a small screen. If the screen appears clear, the valve may need replacement.

If your refrigerator runs constantly, check the condenser coils, which are located on the back of the unit. They should be cleaned twice a year. If they're dirty, give them a good cleaning and see if that remedies the problem.

If your gas oven has stopped functioning, there are a few parts you'll need to check, including the gas valve, the oven control or the gas igniter. Check these items for defects and replace if necessary.

Why doesn't your Jenn-Air range hood work properly?

A range hood that isn't removing much air or any at all is a common problem to encounter. Here are some simple steps to get your range hood working efficiently again.

  • Check the grease filters. If they become saturated, the fan must work harder to pull air through them. Give them a thorough cleaning according to the instruction manual or replace them if they are damaged.
  • Make sure the damper is in the open position to allow maximum airflow through the fan. Clean any grease around the dampers so they don't get stuck closed.
  • If the range hood is vented outside, check the outside cap for any clogs. If the cap is damaged, it may impact airflow and will need to be replaced.
  • Verify that the motor fan is spinning at the proper speed. If it's faulty or broken, it may spin slower than normal or not at all, and it should be replaced.
  • If the fan does not spin at all, it might be due to a broken motor, which may have to be fixed or replaced to get the fan running again.

Typical parts in your Jenn-Air range hood that could need replacement include:

  1. Fan blade—The fan blade is connected to the fan motor and vents the air through the outside vent cap.
  2. Charcoal air filter—A range hood that recirculates the air within the kitchen instead of venting it outside will come with a charcoal air filter, which helps remove the smells from cooking in the room. If it becomes saturated with grease, air may not flow through the filter efficiently.
  3. Grease filter—Grease filters are typically an aluminum mesh filter that removes grease and other particles from the air as it is vented outside. Like charcoal filters, they may perform inefficiently if they're covered in too much grease.
  4. Fan motor—The fan motor is connected to the fan blade and spins it. If the motor is unusually noisy or emits a loud humming sound, it will likely need to be replaced.
  5. Electronic control board—This operates the range hood's fan and lights. If the range hood is powered but the fan or only some of the lights work, it may be because of the control board.