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What's going on with your NordicTrack machine?

There are a number of issues that can affect NordicTrack machines. For instance, if your elliptical machine or exercise bike isn't providing the necessary resistance even after you manually raise the resistance level, you may need to replace the drive belt. You may also need an elliptical resistance motor if your elliptical machine or stepper exhibits this symptom. If your NordicTrack weight system is missing a necessary component, you don't have to throw out the entire unit. You can usually remedy the issue by purchasing a new weight, pulley or cable.

Why isn't your NordicTrack treadmill working properly?

Have you noticed that your treadmill is acting up lately, refusing to turn on sometimes? Is the walking belt not working quite right? There are a few issues that can happen with treadmills, but often, getting the machine to work right is simply a matter of replacing a part. Here are a few common issues with treadmills and what may cause them.

  • Walking belt isn't centered—This can be caused by unevenly worn bearings on the front rollers or by the adjustment screws if they are out of alignment.
  • Walking belt doesn't move—A faulty motor or motor control board can cause the walking belt to not move; the appropriate broken part will need to be replaced.
  • Console display isn't working—If the treadmill is plugged in but the display doesn't light up or turn on, the display is likely faulty and will need to be replaced.
  • Walking belt slows down—This issue may be caused by a lack of lubricant.
  • Heart rate sensor is inaccurate—The console display manages the heart rate sensor and will need to be replaced if it doesn't provide an accurate reading or it doesn't work at all.

Here is a breakdown of the parts that may need maintenance:

  1. Motor control board—This control board manages the speed of the walking belt. If this control board doesn't seem to start or stop or correctly control the speed of the walking belt, it will need to be replaced.
  2. Walking belt—The walking belt is the moving belt that you walk on. It may need to be lubricated and should also be replaced if it shows signs of damage.
  3. Belt roller—The belt roller is attached to the motor and spins the walking belt. If it comes loose or is damaged, it may not spin properly and needs to be replaced.
  4. Motor—The motor spins the belt roller, which in turn spins the walking belt. A weakened motor may not spin the walking belt at the proper speed or might not spin it at all.
  5. Console display—The digital display controls the speed, inclination and other features of the treadmill.