Electrolux refrigerator water filters

Electrolux water filters remove impurities from water that can affect the water’s taste, smell and sometimes its healthfulness. To ensure your water filter can trap all the impurities and contaminants it’s been proven to remove, replace your refrigerator water filter every 6 months. And with a water filter subscription, you don’t have to remember to reorder.

Not sure which is the right filter for your refrigerator? Use our Refrigerator Water Filter Finder for help. For video on how to install your water filter, check out our What type of water filter is in your Electrolux refrigerator? article.


Here are refrigerator water tubing installation kits that can help you connect the water supply to your refrigerator:

Why does the water dispenser drip after replacing my water filter?

Air trapped in dispenser water tubing and filter cartridge causes drips from the water dispenser after you replace the filter.

To prevent water from dripping from the water dispenser, run 2 gallons of water through the dispenser immediately after replacing the water filter. Purging water through the dispenser will eliminate air trapped in the filter and refrigerator water lines.

How often should I replace my Electrolux water filter?

Electrolux recommends installing a new water filter at least every 6 months. If you notice water flow slowing, change it sooner.

If your Electrolux refrigerator has a filter change reminder light, replace the filter when the light turns on.

How do I hook up the water supply to my refrigerator?

Follow the instructions in your owner’s manual or installation guide to connect the water line to the back of the refrigerator. If you home already has a water supply connection in the wall behind the refrigerator, then you’ll just need to connect a water supply line from the supply connection on the wall to the inlet water connection on the back of the fridge.

If your home doesn’t have a water supply connection in place behind the refrigerator, then you’ll need to use a kit to install the water supply to the refrigerator. Follow the instructions for the refrigerator water line installation kit to set up the water supply for your refrigerator.