Official Samsung parts

Samsung manufactures a wide variety of electronic devices and appliances. Sears PartsDirect is a trusted source for Samsung parts. Whether you need parts for your washer or television, Sears PartsDirect has the Samsung repair parts that you need.

Fixing your Samsung appliances

Below are just some of the common issues you may encounter with Samsung appliances:

  1. Your Samsung dishwasher isn't cleaning your dishes properly. If this is the case, check the spray arms and filters.
  2. Your Samsung dryer won't tumble. Check the idler pulley assembly, which provides tension on the drum belt. This part rotates rapidly, and the constant friction can wear down the assembly over time.
  3. Your Samsung fridge is too loud. You may have a bad evaporator fan. Manually turn the fan blade and see if it's encountering friction or running poorly.

Repairing your Samsung washer when it won't drain

After the wash cycle ends and before the spin cycle starts, the water should drain from the washer. If water remains, first check for a kink or clog in the drain hose, a backup in the house drain system or in a drain hose lower than the water level in the drain tub. If the drain path is clear, the drain pump might have failed or the water-level pressure switch might not sense how much water is in the washer. In a top-load washer, a failed lid switch can keep the washer from advancing to the drain and spin cycle. A failed timer or problem with the drive motor can also prevent a top-load washer from draining and spinning. On a front-load washer, a bad main electronic control board or failed motor control board can prevent the washer from draining and spinning.