Snowblower parts and accessories to keep the snow drifts at bay

By keeping snowblower accessories and spare parts on hand, you can count on your snowblower being ready to go the next time the snow is piling up. Sears PartsDirect especially recommends stocking up on shear pins and drive belts, because a broken pin or belt will stop your snowblower cold. And you’ll be glad you have Snow-Jet snowblower spray and a snowblower clean-out tool on hand, because they make the job so much easier.

Not all parts fit every model. If you're unsure, click the part name below to visit the part page and enter your model number in the box that says Confirm the part fits.

To help you get the most from your snowblower, check out our snowblower troubleshooting page, with links to symptoms, repair guides and videos.

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