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Are some of your gym parts broken? Do you frequently have to stop using your valuable workout equipment? In these machines, it is common that just a single missing or broken part can put the whole system out of service. The problem can almost certainly be solved with a part replacement.

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Common issues with Gold's Gym machines

  1. Weight machines not lifting weights after weights have been dropped or damaged.
  2. Stair stepper not changing pedal resistance during a workout.
  3. Weight machine cables snapping off or detaching from lift mechanisms.
  4. Alpine rowers not functioning.

Fixing your machine

Make sure that all fasteners on the machine are tight. Lubricate any moving parts that are sticking. Replace any worn or broken components.

Common Gold’s Gym parts you may need

  1. Metric hex bolts—It is often the case that you are simply experiencing missing bolts in certain places. As exercise equipment is used quite aggressively a lot of the time, bolts can pop out if the machine is not sufficiently lubricated or the bolts were not properly tightened. Hex bolts attach Gold's Gym weight machine components such as bars and seats. Alpine rowers also commonly require hex bolts. The most common equipment that requires hex bolts are the Gold's Gym Olympic Weight Bench, the Power Lifter 2500, the Stowaway 2000 and the Dynamax 2500/2000.
  2. AAA batteries—Ensure that your alpine rowers and stair steppers have AAA batteries in them. It may seem obvious, but some people may forget that the consoles often run on batteries.
  3. Washers—Some weight equipment—for example, the Power Lifter 2500—requires washers to properly hold components in place. Replace any missing washers.
  4. Cap screw—The Alpine XC skier requires a cap screw to secure the belt.
  5. Hex cap screw—Gold's Gym weight sets need hex bolts secured by a cap screws to fasten components.