Estate refrigerator water filters

Whirlpool water filters for Estate refrigerators are certified by the NSF to remove chlorine taste and odor (NSF standard 42). Many Estate water filters also can remove lead and cysts (NSF standard 53), and some have passed additional NSF certification tests and are certified to remove volatile organic compounds, pharmaceuticals and some pesticides (NSF standard 401). Learn more about NSF certification here.

To ensure your water filter can trap all the impurities and contaminants it’s been proven to remove, replace your refrigerator water filter every 6 months. We can send you your Estate water filter replacement automatically, so you don’t have to remember to reorder.

Not sure which is the right filter for your refrigerator? Use our Refrigerator Water Filter Finder for help.


Where can I find an inline water filter to add to my Estate refrigerator?

Adding an inline water filter to the back of your Estate fridge is easy. Follow the steps in this video to install an inline filter: How to install an inline refrigerator water filter video.

Where can I find the water filter for my Estate TS25 fridge?

Estate side-by-side refrigerators use on one of these 2 water filters:

Whirlpool EveryDrop 5 refrigerator water filter EDR5RXD1

Filter EDR5RXD1 fits Estate fridge models TS25 and TS22. Filter EDR5RDXD1 replaces these equivalent filters:

  • WHR5RXD1
  • 4396508
  • 4396510
  • 9085
  • 9010
  • 2186444
  • 2200203
  • 2203220
  • 2203221
  • 2255518
  • 2255519
  • 2255709
  • 4268741
  • 4392857
  • 4392922
  • 4396163
  • 4396164
  • 4396509
  • 4396547
  • 4396548
  • 4396918
  • 8212652
  • W10141392
  • W10168990
  • 9902
  • 9908

You’ll find the EveryDrop 5 water filter installed in the bottom front grille of your Estate refrigerator. Twist the filter to the left and pull it out of the housing to remove it. Insert the new filter in the housing and rotate it to the right until it stops. Run 2 gallons of water through the refrigerator water dispenser to purge air and residue from the filter and water lines. Reset the water filter replacement reminder light.

ClearChoice refrigerator water filter CLCH111-1

Filter CLCH111-1 replaces the original water filter installed in select Estate TS25 fridges with the filter housed in the top right corner of the refrigerator section. Filter CLCH111-1 replaces filters Whirlpool EveryDrop 8 refrigerator water filter EDR8DR1, 2204326, 2206039, 2213384, 8171413, 8171414, 8171787 and 8171788. Some previous versions of the original filter for the Estate TS25 refrigerators may no longer be available. The substituted part is equivalent to the original part in size and basic function.

Follow the instructions in the owner’s manual to replace the filter in your Estate TS25 refrigerator.