Pamper the appliances that pamper your clothes

We’ve come a long way from beating clothes against rocks in a stream and hanging everything on a line to dry. These accessories and maintenance tools make doing laundry even more convenient, by making it easier to set up your washer and dryer and by keeping them clean.

To make sure you’re getting the right part or accessory for your washer or dryer, click the part name below to visit the part page and enter your model number in the box that says Confirm the part fits.

If your laundry appliance needs repair, we sell the parts you need for the job and have DIY washer and dryer repair advice to help you diagnose and fix the problem.

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Washer products and accessories

These products and accessories make your washer smell nicer, shake less, fill better and stop trashing your delicates.

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Dryer products and accessories

Get rid of lint and hot wet air, and make your dryer level, with these products and accessories. We also have dryer fuses for gas and electric dryers.