Popular dryer thermal fuses and thermal cut-off fuses

Thermal fuses and thermal cut-off fuses are safety devices that shut off the heat, the motor or both when a dryer overheats, to prevent a fire or damage to the dryer. Once these fuses trip, you can't reset them–you have to replace them.

This page features our most popular thermal fuses and thermal cut-off fuses. These fuses don't fit every model. To verify the fuse is correct for your dryer, click on the part name below to visit the part page and enter your model number in the box that says Confirm the part fits.

If you need help with a dryer not heating, check out our troubleshooting videos for both gas and electric models. If your dryer isn't starting, we have both gas and electric troubleshooting videos to help you diagnose the cause.

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Thermal fuses for gas and electric dryers

A thermal fuse trips if the air in the drum gets too hot, usually because of a blocked air vent. On most electric dryers, a tripped thermal fuse means the motor won’t start, but the lights on the control panel still work. For most gas dryers, the motor will start, but the gas burner won't light.

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Thermal cut-off fuses for gas and electric dryers

A thermal cut-off fuse shuts off the heating element or burner when that component severely overheats, usually because the high-limit thermostat failed. The replacement cut-off fuse is usually sold in a kit with the high-limit thermostat, so you can replace both parts at the same time.

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