Official Maytag refrigerator water filters

These Whirlpool water filters for Maytag refrigerators are certified by the NSF to remove chlorine taste and odor (NSF standard 42). Many of these water filters also can remove lead and cysts (NSF standard 53), and some have passed additional NSF certification tests and are certified to remove volatile organic compounds, pharmaceuticals and some pesticides (NSF standard 401). Learn more about NSF certification here.

To ensure your water filter can trap all the impurities and contaminants it’s been proven to remove, replace your refrigerator water filter every 6 months. We can send you your Maytag water filter replacement automatically, so you don’t have to remember to reorder.

Not sure which is the right filter for your refrigerator? Use our Refrigerator Water Filter Finder for help.


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Should I replace the air filter in my Maytag refrigerator at the same time that I replace the water filter?

Yes. It’s best to replace the air filter in your Maytag refrigerator at the same time that you replace the water filter. Replacing the air filter regularly will help keep your refrigerator smelling fresh.

Here are common air filters used in Maytag refrigerators:

Additional information about Maytag refrigerator water filters
Who makes Maytag refrigerator water filters?

Whirlpool offers EveryDrop® replacement water filters for Maytag refrigerators. Maytag is in the family of Whirlpool products. Here are the common EveryDrop® and compatible filters for Maytag refrigerators:

  • Whirlpool EveryDrop® 1 refrigerator water filter EDR1RXD1 fits Maytag side-by-side refrigerator models MSB26C4XYB00, MSB26C4XYM00, MSB26C4XYW00, MSC21C6MFZ00, MSF25D4XAB00, MSF25D4XAM00, MSF25D4XAW00, MSS25C4MGB00, MSS25C4MGW00, MSS25C4MGZ00, MSS26C6MEZ00, MSS26C6MFB01, MSS26C6MFW01 and MSS26C6MFZ01. You’ll find the EveryDrop® 1 filter housed in the bottom grill below the freezer door. Whirlpool EveryDrop® 1 filter EDR1RXD1 replaces these current and previous filter versions: WHR1RXD1, 9900, 9981, FILTER1, W10217316, W10291030, W10295370, W10295370A, W10569758, W10569760, W10569761, W10735398, WHR1RXV2P, 9081, 9930, W10394044, and W10743248.
  • Whirlpool EveryDrop® 2 refrigerator water filter EDR2RXD1 fits Maytag bottom-mount and French door refrigerator models MFB2055DRE00, MFB2055DRE01, MFB2055DRH00, MFB2055DRH01, MFB2055DRM00, MFB2055DRM01, MFB2055FRW00, MFB2055FRZ00, MFB2055YEB00, MFB2055YEB01, MFB2055YEB02, MFB2055YEM00, MFB2055YEM01, MFB2055YEM02, MFB2055YEW00, MFB2055YEW01, MFB2055YEW02, MFF2055DRE00, MFF2055DRE01, MFF2055DRH00, MFF2055DRH01, MFF2055DRM00, MFF2055DRM01, MFF2055FRB00, MFF2055FRW00, MFF2055FRZ00, MFT2772HEZ00, MFT2776FEZ01, MFW2055DRE00, MFW2055DRE01, MFW2055DRH00, MFW2055DRH01, MFW2055DRM00, MFW2055DRM01, MFW2055FRH00, MFW2055FRZ00, MFW2055YEB00, MFW2055YEB01, MFW2055YEB02, MFW2055YEM00, MFW2055YEM01, MFW2055YEM02, MFW2055YEW00, MFW2055YEW01 and MFW2055YEW02. You’ll find the EveryDrop® 2 filter housed in the top right corner of the refrigerator compartment in most Maytag refrigerators. Open the water filter housing cover to eject the existing filter and pull the old filter out. Insert the new filter and shut the cover. Run about 2 gallons of water through the dispenser to purge air and sediment from the filter and refrigerator water lines. Reset the water filter reminder light. EveryDrop® 2 filter replaces these current and previous water filter versions: WHR2RXD1, 9082, 9924, FILTER2, W10238154, W10413645, W10413645A, W10609378, W10673882, W10680605 and W10744238.
  • Whirlpool EveryDrop® 3 refrigerator water filter EDR3RXD1 fits Maytag MCD2358, MSD2242, MSD2254, MSD2272, MSD2273, MSD2274, MSD2542, MSD2550, MSD2552, MSD2553, MSD2554, MSD2559, MSD2572, MSD2573, MSD2574, MSD2576, MSD2578, MSF25C2 and MSF25D2 side-by-side refrigerators. The EveryDrop® 3 filter fits in the base grille below the freezer door. Push the ejection button to release and remove the filter from its housing. Transfer the filter cap from the old filter to the new filter and insert the new filter in the housing. If the decorative filter cap breaks, you can order the black filter replacement cap WP2260518B or white replacement filter cap WP2260518W for your EveryDrop® 3 fridge water filter. Whirlpool EveryDrop® 3 refrigerator water filter EDR3RXD1 is compatible with these current and previous water filters: WHR3RXD1, 9083, 9020, 9020B, 9030, 9030B, 9920, 9953, FILTER3, 4396710, 4396711, 4396841, 4396842, 8212650, 4396710B, 4396841B, W10121145, W10121146, W10754687 and W10776411.
  • EveryDrop® 4 water filter EDR4RXD1 fits Maytag French door refrigerator models MFD2560, MFI2568, MZD2665, MFD2561, MFD2651, MFC2061, MFI2067, MFD2562, MFI2067, MFI2569, MFX2571, 5MFI267, 5MFX257, 5VMFI267, 5VMFX257, 7MI2569 AND MFT2771. This filter also fits Maytag side-by-side fridge models MSD2351, MSD2651, MSD2652, MSD2655, MSD2656, MSD2660, MZD2663, MZD2665, MZD2667 and MCD2257. You’ll typically find this water filter housed in the top right corner of the refrigerator section. Open the filter cover and twist the filter counterclockwise to remove it. Insert the new filter and rotate it clockwise to lock it in place. Reset the filter replacement reminder light and purge 2 gallons of water through the water dispenser to remove air and sediment from the filter and refrigerator water lines. EveryDrop® 4 water filter EDR4RXD1 replaces these current and previous filter versions: WHR4RXD1, 9084, 9006, 12589203, 12589206, 67002269, 67003523, 67003640, 67003727, 67006468, 67006634, 9005, 9984, 9992, 106690, 4396395, 8171032, 8171249, 12589201, 12589208, 12589210, 13040201, 13040210, 13040214, 13040216, 13040218, 67002671, 67003526, 67003591, 67003640, 67006464, 67006467, 67006469, 67006470, 67006474, 67006475, 67006476, 67006477, 67006633, 67006637, 13040216N, AFF3, UKF8001, UKF8001AAX, UKF8001AXX, UKF801AXX, UKF9001, UKF9001AXX, W10181835, W10336197, W10336197N, W10735404, W11256384 and WF50. EveryDrop&ref; 4 filter is also available in this 2-pack version: Filter 9006 2-pack W10574143. When you remove the EveryDrop&ref; 4 filter and don’t immediately install a replacement filter in the housing, insert water filter bypass 12664501SP.
Why is water dripping from the water dispenser after replacing the water filter in my Maytag refrigerator?

Water dripping from the dispenser after replacing the water filter is often caused by air trapped in the water filter or water lines after replacing the filter. To eliminate air from the filter and water lines, run 2 gallons of water as constantly as possible through the water dispenser.