Official Black & Decker parts

Black & Decker is a trusted name in household equipment and appliances. To keep your Black & Decker products in excellent shape, you may occasionally need to replace parts that naturally wear out.

Always start with proper care of your equipment

  • If your Black & Decker leaf blower won't accelerate, you might need to replace the power cord.
  • If your Black & Decker power sander runs hot, it could be time to replace the gearbox.
  • If your Black & Decker vacuum brush isn't spinning, it's probably time to replace the belt.
  • If your Black & Decker power drill only works intermittently, you may need to replace the electric brushes that transmit power to the motor.
  • If your Black & Decker walk-behind lawnmower isn't running properly, you might need to replace the motor.

Keep your lawn mower in pristine shape

You should always allow the mower to cool before storing. Keep the mower free of debris, leaves and grass build-up. Keep all nuts and bolts tight to be sure the equipment is in safe operating condition.

  • Blades: Keep the blade sharp for best cutting performance. Replace the blade if it’s worn or damaged. Wear proper eye protection and gloves while replacing the blade.
  • Wheels: Check the wheels regularly and replace any damaged wheels or axles.
  • Motor brushes: Motor brushes wear out over time and will eventually need to be replaced. When the motor begins to lose power, check the motor brushes and replace them if they’re worn.
  • Batteries: When the charger will no longer charge the batteries, the batteries are likely worn out and will need to be replaced. Replace both batteries at once. Mixing new and old batteries could increase internal battery cell pressure and cause a battery to rupture.