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If you have a riding lawn mower, you know it takes the mundane chore of mowing the lawn and transforms it into a fun ride in your backyard. While your riding lawn mower is a durable machine, there are times when it can have surprise issues.

Most owners complain that their mowers run rough and shake while they ride them. Some also complain that the mowers may not start at all. The remedy for your problem may only require a simple fix. The next time your riding lawn mower is having issues, try one of these troubleshooting tips.

Tricks you can try to fix your lawn mower

  • Jump the battery—When a lawn mower won't start, it's often because the battery is dead. This is especially true if it has been sitting for a long time. First, try jumping the battery. If that doesn't work, a new battery may be required.
  • Have the blades sharpened—Are you noticing that the grass you're cutting seems uneven and ragged? If so, your blades may be dull and need sharpening.
  • Check the gas—Your lawn mower won't start or run at all if there isn't any gas in it or if the gas sat around for a while and has gotten old.
  • Have the engine tuned up—Take your lawn mower in for routine maintenance each year. This will ensure it runs properly, and it will also make it last longer.
  • Look for replacement parts—Sometimes, these simple fixes aren't enough to make your lawn mower work again, so you'll need to find replacement parts.

Five Kubota parts that often need to be replaced

  1. Carburetor—If your lawn mower runs rough or only runs if the choke is at least partly open, then you need to replace your carburetor. You'll need to open your mower hood and use a wrench and screwdriver to perform this job.
  2. Starter—A replacement starter may be required if the battery is replaced and the lawn mower still won't start. A full replacement starter kit will have all of the required parts.
  3. Replacement blade—A replacement blade is necessary if one of your blades snap off or breaks. Remove the deck from the lawn mower when you're changing blades for safety.
  4. Head gasket—The head gasket can crack, causing oil to leak from the engine. Eventually, this oil leak could cause the engine to seize completely.
  5. Grass bag—If your grass bag has a hole in it, then you'll end up with grass clippings all over your freshly mowed lawn. The replacement process is simple and fast.

Sears PartsDirect has the lawn mower replacement parts you need

Routine maintenance is an important part of keeping your lawn mower in good running condition. Be sure to follow the schedule in the owner’s manual to accomplish this. If your Kubota lawn mower does have a surprise issue, you can get the replacement parts you need from Sears PartsDirect. We are committed to our clients when it comes to getting them the right parts and providing top-notch customer service.