Model #FGID2479SF7A Frigidaire dishwasher

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    Dishwasher Water-Level Pressure Switch#12

    Electrical parts Diagram

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    Dishwasher Tine Row Retainer#580

    Racks Diagram

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    Dishwasher Flapper Valve#155

    Wash system Diagram

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    Dishwasher Tine Row Clip#580

    Racks Diagram

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    Dishwasher Filter#120

    Wash system Diagram

    Dishwasher filter

    Part #A00201402
    Replaced by #A00201409
    Manufacturer substitution
    This part replaces A00201402. Substitute parts can look different from the original.
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    Door Diagram

    Screw,door handle ,m4 x 10mm ph

    Part #405537692
    This item is not returnable
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    Dishwasher Water Tank#140

    Wash system Diagram

    Dishwasher water tank

    Part #A01087405
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    Dishwasher Sump Screen#155

    Wash system Diagram

    Dishwasher sump screen

    Part #111917701
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    Dishwasher Spray Arm Hub Nut#139

    Frame & tub Diagram

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    Dishwasher Door Latch Assembly#344

    Electrical parts Diagram

    In Stock

    Symptoms common to all dishwashers

    Choose a symptom to see related dishwasher repairs.

    Main causes: broken door latch, tripped circuit breaker, broken heating element, faulty vent fan, sensor failure, control system problem
    Main cause: damaged rack height adjuster
    Main causes: damaged or stuck spray arm, leaking door seal, damaged door hinge, leaky heating element water seal, cracked water supply line
    Main causes: clogged kitchen sink drain, clogged drain hose, drain check valve damaged, drain pump failure, control system problem
    Main causes: water supply problem, stuck overfill float, clogged water inlet valve screen, water inlet valve failure
    Main causes: glass or popcorn kernel stuck in the chopper blade, drain line vibrating against the cabinet, debris in wash pump or drain pump
    Main causes: broken door spring, damaged or broken door hinge
    Main causes: not using rinse aid, rinse aid dispenser failure, broken heating element, malfunctioning vent, drying fan failure
    Main causes: light switch beside the sink turned off, lack of power, bad dishwasher door switch, control system failure, wiring problem

    Repair guides common to all dishwashers

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    October 1, 2016
    By Lyle Weischwill
    How to replace a dishwasher door latch assembly

    If the dishwasher door doesn't click shut, a broken door latch is a likely cause. Follow these instructions to replace it yourself.

    Repair difficulty
    Time required
     30 minutes or less
    How to replace a dishwasher user interface control

    The user interface control houses the selection buttons and display. If it fails, you can't select the cycle and settings. Follow these instructions to replace it yourself.

    Repair difficulty
    Time required
     30 minutes or less
    April 1, 2014
    By Lyle Weischwill
    How to replace a dishwasher thermal fuse

    A completely dead control panel often indicates that the thermal fuse on the electronic control board is blown; follow these steps to replace a blown thermal fuse in your dishwasher.

    Repair difficulty
    Time required
     15 minutes or less

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    How to reset a Whirlpool dishwasher

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    Cleaning your appliances after a drinking water advisory

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    Dishwasher has power but won't run? Could be demo mode

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