Kenmore 1162591290 vacuum cleaner repair and replacement parts

Kenmore 1162591290 vacuum cleaner

Here are the repair parts and diagrams for your Kenmore 1162591290 vacuum cleaner. The diagram(s) below can help you find the right part. If you’d like help, we invite you to call our customer service number at the top of the page, or click chat.
On this page, you can also find any manuals, installation guides and error code tables associated with this model.
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Symptoms common to all vacuum cleaners

Choose a symptom to see related vacuum cleaner repairs.

Main causes: weak suction motor, vacuum bag is full, clog in suction air path, dirty exhaust filter, leaky vacuum hose
Main causes: lack of power, bad power cord, drive motor failure, wiring failure
Main causes: damaged vacuum hose, clogged motor air filter, bad suction motor
Main causes: broken drive belt, damaged brush roll, tripped brush roll motor overload, bad brush roll motor, wiring failure

Repair guides for canister vacuums

How to replace a vacuum power head ribbed drive belt

Some canister vacuums have a ribbed drive belt that spins the brush roll on a power brush attachment. If the brush roll slips, you can replace it using these instructions.

Repair difficulty
Time required
 30 minutes or less
How to replace a vacuum power head cogged drive belt

If the power brush isn't working well because the cogged drive belt is slipping, take a few minutes to replace the belt. These instructions show how.

Repair difficulty
Time required
 30 minutes or less
July 1, 2013
By Lyle Weischwill
How to replace a vacuum beater bar

Replace the brush roll if the bristles ares worn or the cylinder is damaged.

Repair difficulty
Time required
 30 minutes or less

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