June 29, 2022

Top questions about Sears and Sears PartsDirect

By Sears PartsDirect staff
Introduction image for Sears and Sears PartsDirect questions article.
Introduction image for Sears and Sears PartsDirect questions article.

Sears is a leading integrated retailer providing merchandise and related services to customers throughout the United States. Sears offers its wide range of home merchandise, apparel and automotive products and services through Sears-branded and affiliated full-line and specialty retail stores.

Sears also offers a variety of merchandise and services through sears.com, landsend.com and specialty catalogs. Sears offers consumers leading proprietary brands including Kenmore and DieHard – among the most trusted and preferred brands in the U.S. The company is the nation's largest provider of home services, with more than 14 million service and installation calls made annually.

Sears has gone through many changes in recent years. Many people are curious about the current state of Sears. Here are answers to the top questions that people ask about Sears and Sears PartsDirect:

Is Sears Roebuck still in business?

Yes. Sears dropped the “Roebuck” from its name but we still operate Sears and Sears Hometown stores throughout the United States. Sears.com also sells merchandise online. Additionally, Sears operates Sears Home Services which offers appliance repair, appliance parts and home improvement services.

Is Searspartdirect.com legit?

Although the exact spelling of the website in the question isn’t quite right, Searspartsdirect.com is a legitimate website operated by Sears Home Services. Sears PartsDirect sells replacement parts for most major brands of appliances, outdoor power equipment, water heaters and softeners, and more, no matter where you bought the product. More than 99 percent of the parts we sell are made or approved by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). You can buy replacement parts with confidence from Searspartsdirect.com.

Is Sears Parts Direct a part of Sears?

Yes. Sears PartsDirect is a division of Sears Home Service—whose parent company is Sears. Sears began selling appliance parts through Sears PartsDirect in 1995. Over the years since then, Sears PartsDirect has become a leading destination for repair parts and accessories.

Can you still buy parts from Sears?

Yes. You can still buy appliance parts from both Sears PartsDirect and Sears.com. To help you find the replacement parts you need, Sears PartsDirect has 2.8 million part diagrams for more than 400,000 models of appliances and products. We sell replacement parts for major brands of appliances and equipment such as Whirlpool, GE, Kenmore, LG, Samsung, Frigidaire, Craftsman, Briggs & Stratton, Husqvarna and Honda.

Find the replacement parts you need for just about any product at Sears PartsDirect and Sears.com.

How do I track my Sears order?

To track a Sears PartsDirect order, click on the Orders tab in the taskbar at the top of the webpage and key in the order number. The order number is in the first line of your order confirmation email and looks like W850908. An automatic reorder number is in the last line of the automatic reorder paragraph and looks like #4307940662. For phone orders, the order number is in the confirmation letter we mailed to your home.

To track orders from Sears.com, click on MyOrders on the top of the webpage. You’ll see tracking information and details for all of your orders on that page.

How do I return Sears parts?

Follow these steps to return a part that you purchased from Sears PartsDirect:

  1. Click on the Orders tab in the taskbar at the top of the webpage.

  2. Enter your order number and ZIP code and click View to see your order.

  3. Next to the part you want to return, click Return item.

  4. Select your reason for return from the drop-down menu and complete all required information. Then click Submit.

  5. Follow the directions in your return confirmation email to print the return label and ship the part to Sears PartsDirect.

Allow 3–5 business days for your financial institution to credit your account.

What are OEM replacement parts?

OEM (original equipment manufacturer) replacement parts are made or approved for use by the original manufacturer of an appliance or product. OEM parts are guaranteed to fit properly and operate safely as replacement parts in products.

Who is genuine replacement parts?

Genuine Replacement Parts is a separate company not affiliated with Sears or Sears PartsDirect that sells replacement parts for some appliances and products.

Sears PartsDirect provides help for new and experienced DIYers to quickly find and order the right part, from any device. We have parts diagrams for most models as well as 50,000 manuals and installation guides. And we add more every month.

To give DIYers the confidence to take on repairs, our in-house experts have created an extensive library of nearly 1,000 pieces of repair-related videos, repair guides, error code tables and articles. You can explore our Repair Help section or check out our YouTube channel. Here’s an example of one of our top repair help videos that can help you fix a cooling problem in your refrigerator:

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