Whirlpool 4LSC8255BQ1 automatic washer repair and replacement parts

Whirlpool 4LSC8255BQ1 automatic washer

Here are the repair parts and diagrams for your Whirlpool 4LSC8255BQ1 automatic washer. The diagram(s) below can help you find the right part. If you’d like help, we invite you to call our customer service number at the top of the page, or click chat.
On this page, you can also find any manuals, installation guides and error code tables associated with this model.
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Symptoms common to all washers

Choose a symptom to see related washer repairs.

Main causes: broken lid switch or lid lock, bad pressure switch, broken shifter assembly, faulty control system
Main causes: leaky water inlet valve, faulty water-level pressure switch, bad electronic control board
Main causes: clogged drain hose, house drain clogged, bad drain pump, water-level pressure switch failure, bad control board or timer
Main causes: worn agitator dogs, bad clutch, broken motor coupler, shifter assembly failure, broken door lock, suspension component failure
Main causes: bad lid switch or door lock, bad timer or electronic control board, wiring failure, bad water inlet valve assembly
Main causes: unbalanced load, loose spanner nut, worn drive block, broken shock absorber or suspension spring, debris in drain pump
Main causes: no water supply, bad water valves, water-level pressure switch failure, control system failure, bad door lock or lid switch
Main causes: water heater failure, bad water temperature switch, faulty control board, bad water valve, faulty water temperature sensor
Main causes: lack of electrical power, wiring failure, bad power cord, electronic control board failure, bad user interface board

Repair guides for front-load washers

How to replace the direct-drive motor on a front-load washer

These instructions show how to replace a beltless drive motor that attaches directly to the washer spin basket.

Repair difficulty
Time required
 60 minutes or less
How to replace the machine control board in a front-load washer

If the machine control board is completely dead or won't activate the washer components properly, replace it by following these instructions.

Repair difficulty
Time required
 45 minutes or less
How to replace the user interface board in a front-load washer

Follow these steps to replace the user interface board in your front-load washer if the buttons or lights are broken.

Repair difficulty
Time required
 30 minutes or less

Articles and videos common to all washers

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