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Wall Oven Relay Control Board 316429800


Part #316429800

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Part Information

This relay control board (part number 316429800) is for wall ovens.

Relay control board 316429800 receives signals from the main oven control board. The relay control board operates relays to regulate the oven elements.

Disconnect electrical power to the oven before installing this part. Wear work gloves to protect your hands.


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Frisco, TexasReviews 1Votes 0
• 3 years ago
MEC2• 3 years ago
Beats paying $2000 for a new overn...

At Christmas our top oven failed when someone let the smoke out of the chips in the secondary control board. As everyone knows, this smoke is vital, when it leaves, the chip no longer functions... so, the hardest part was removing the double oven, it needs a special tool (or ice pick, long screw driver, something) to push the retention tabs out. Once out, remove some metal flashing, see the board, see the impact crater burn through the looks like the Apollo 13 command module, unscrew it, transfer the wires (there are lots of them), screw it in, cross fingers, and done. The part itself very rudimentary, one screw and all the little wires, but extracting the oven - that's the chore.

Marion ArkansasReviews 1Votes 0
• 3 years ago
Paul89• 3 years ago
Easy install

Make sure to take a picture, with your cell, of the wiring before disconnecting. Moving the wall oven out took longer than replacing the part.

AlaskaReviews 1Votes 0
• 1 year ago
aah1• 1 year ago
Straightforward replacement

Although a little awkward to access, the replacement was a dozen or so push on terminals and plug connectors. Billed as in stock, with estimated arrival of 2 days. Of course all bets are off shipping to Alaska. It was over 2 weeks and arrived the day after Thanksgiving.

Response from Sears PartsDirect:
CS OFFLINE • 1 year ago

We are so pleased to hear that you had such a positive experience. Thank you for taking the time to let us know, we appreciate any and all feedback. Thank you for choosing Sears Parts Direct!

1-3 of 3 reviews