Official Agri-Fab parts

Agri-Fab manufactures cultivators, lawn sweepers, lawn equipment and lawn tractor accessories. You can perform some simple troubleshooting to get your equipment back in operation.

Simple solutions to reviving equipment

  • Engine leaks oil—You’ll want to check the head gasket to assure it is not the cause of the leak. A leaking head gasket will need to be replaced.
  • Poor tilling—If your tiller is not up to par, it could be caused by the soil. Check that the soil you are attempting to till is not too wet or dry by forming it into a ball. Allow the dirt to dry, or wet it depending on the conditions.
  • Broadcast spreader connections problems—One common problem with fertilizer spreaders is having a bad cable connection. It is vital to check that your cables are not damaged or broken and also that they are connected into appropriate slots.
  • Clogged lawn sweeper vacuum—When using a sweeper, it is not uncommon for debris like twigs and dirt to get sucked into the vacuum and cause clogging over time. The best way to avoid this is to clean the equipment after every use.
  • Leaking lawn sprayer—As soon as you notice a leak from your sprayer, it is imperative to immediately stop use to avoid plant damage. The hose, valve connections and nozzle all have gaskets that should be thoroughly examined to find the cause of the leak. You may find the gasket has shifted, which can then be put back into place. Should you find the gasket is cracked, however, it will need to be replaced.

Five lawn and garden equipment engine parts you should know about

  • Carburetor—The carburetor mixes air and fuel that provide energy to run your engine. At times, it may become clogged, causing the engine to stall. You can clean, rebuild or replace the carburetor to get it working properly.
  • Air filter—The air filter is useful in keeping the engine clean. A clogged or damaged filter can lead to power loss. Be sure to clean the air filter regularly. In time, you will need to replace the filter to properly maintain the engine.
  • Spark plug—The spark plug is used to emit a spark that causes ignition. If your engine isn’t starting, you will want to check that the plug wire hasn’t been disengaged or damaged. Should you find the plug is broken, replace it.
  • Blades—Sometimes, you may encounter a mower that is not cutting grass efficiently. This is typically caused by dull cutting blades. You can fix this by sharpening or replacing the blades.
  • Lubrication system—Engines produce a great deal of friction when operating, which is why it’s important that the components are properly lubricated. If you experience oil leaks, it could be due to worn gaskets. If gaskets are damaged, oil can slip past and cause a leak. The gasket will need to be replaced if it allows oil to leak out of the engine.