Heating & Cooling Combined Unit

Model #RRKA-A036 Rheem gas/electric package unit

Here are the repair parts and diagrams for your Rheem RRKA-A036 gas/electric package unit. 

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Central Air Conditioner Start Capacitor


All parts Diagram


In Stock

Expnsn Vlv


All parts Diagram

Expnsn vlv

Part #61-21922-54


In Stock



All parts Diagram


Part #68-23643-01
This item is not returnable


In Stock

Brnr Sup Brk


All parts Diagram

Brnr sup brk

Part #AE-61588-01


In Stock

Panl Aaccess


All parts Diagram

Panl aaccess

Part #AS-58607-08


In Stock

Bi Shelf Trn


All parts Diagram

Bi shelf trn

Part #AS-58607-19


In Stock

Supply Cover


All parts Diagram

Supply cover

Part #AS-58607-35


In Stock

Cond Panel


All parts Diagram

Cond panel

Part #AS-58607-38


In Stock

Evaporator Coil


All parts Diagram

Evaporator coil

Part #AS-58627-83


In Stock

Coil Condens


All parts Diagram

Coil condens

Part #AS-58677-07


In Stock