Official Honda parts

Walk-behind mowers are great for achieving an even cut and should be tuned up regularly to assure quality performance. It's important to properly clean the deck, replace filters and change the oil. However, even with proper maintenance, an average mower only lasts eight to 10 years. You may encounter problems with your other Honda lawn and garden equipment, but problems can always be fixed.

Top five lawn and garden engine parts

  1. Crankshaft sensor—The crankshaft sensor helps control the ignition timing, so the spark plug ignites the fuel in the cylinder at the right time. At times, you may experience failure with the sensor in the form of stalling or acceleration problems. In this case, you may need to replace it.
  2. Fuel tank—The fuel tank is used to hold gasoline. One of the biggest problems you may face is a failure of the mower to start because of a clogged tank outlet.
  3. Carburetor—The carburetor keeps the engine running by mixing air and fuel to burn within the cylinders. When a carburetor gets dirty, it may cause poor acceleration. Should you experience this issue, you may need to clean or replace the carburetor.
  4. Flywheel—The starter motor spins the flywheel to start the engine. If a flywheel is bad, it can cause plate grinding, friction and gear slippage. If your engine experiences these issues, then you may need to replace the flywheel.
  5. Muffler—The muffler is used to reduce engine noise. If it's not operating properly, then you'll hear loud roaring noises that indicate something is wrong. It will likely need to be repaired or replaced to solve the issue.

Common walk-behind lawn mower problems

  • Uneven cuts—When wheels are set unevenly on the mower, you may experience uneven cuts. Check the height of each wheel to assure they're balanced. If they are, then you’ll next want to look at your blade. A dull or damaged blade will lead to uneven cuts, so replace the blade if it’s dull or damaged.
  • Too much vibration—A loose or damaged blade can lead to your mower vibrating too much. If you experience this issue, then you may need to tighten the bolt or replace the blade.
  • Mower shuts off—If your walk-behind mower is having issues continuously running, then it's likely due to the fuel system. You may need to rebuild or replace the carburetor to solve this problem.
  • Lack of movement—There are a few reasons why a mower might not move. First, check the drive control cable. If it's worn or damaged, then you may need to replace it. If this doesn’t do the trick, then the drive belt may need to be adjusted or replaced. If both are fine, then the transmission likely failed, which may also need to be replaced.
  • Mower won’t start—Be sure that your mower has sufficient gas or it’s battery is properly charged if it won’t start. Replacing the safety switch or ignition coil can help if they're worn or not providing current to spark plugs. Your carburetor could also be the culprit. Clogged carburetors may need to be rebuilt or replaced.