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Microwave Base Plate Trim MCR62347202


Part #MCR62347202

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This base plate trim (part number MCR62347202) is for microwaves.

Base plate trim MCR62347202 forms a decorative edge along the front of the base plate.

Wear work gloves to protect your hands when installing this part.


Arlington WAReviews 1Votes 0
• 4 years ago
DSCOLE• 4 years ago
Not super easy to install

Installation of the part required removal and some dismantling of the slide out vent hood.

corning nyReviews 1Votes 1
• 5 years ago
skikeuka• 5 years ago
Not that easy to install

Sears had the best price on this replacement part. It was a little difficult to install because the 3 screws that held it on were hard to get a screwdriver straight on the head of the screw.

Silver Spring, MDReviews 1Votes 2
• 5 years ago
yh5497• 5 years ago
Great stock replacement part

Installing this requires removing the lower portion of the microwave. From there you have to disassemble a few items to gain access, but it’s all just screw removal (no special tools). The wires to the under mount lights have a disconnect. It was more time consuming than originally expected, but overall an easy process.

IowaReviews 1Votes 0
• 5 years ago
Propwash• 5 years ago
Good one quality

This item is not the easiest to install. Basic tools are needed and patience. Remember how it came apart.

O.C. CA.Reviews 1Votes 0
• 5 years ago
Badwheel420• 5 years ago
Difficult to install

Front trim microwave................................

IndianapolisReviews 1Votes 0
• 5 years ago
palmer8815• 5 years ago
Difficult but not impossible to install

This trim strip requires removal and partial disassembly of the entire sliding vent assembly. It was much more difficult since there were no instructions or YouTubes of it on the web and the parts diagram was insufficient to see how it came apart. For others replacing this part, first remove the vent assembly from the bottom of the microwave by removing 8 screws which hold the entire assembly to the bottom of the microwave and then disconnect the light terminal inside. It would have taken 1/2 to 1 hour if I would have known what to do at first. Count on another hour or 2 if you clean the grease off all exposed parts.

MAINEReviews 1Votes 1
• 4 years ago
maineiacme• 4 years ago
Typical engineering / not too difficult for me BUT

Unit installation says 15" from heat source. Well as you probably know your pan just closed that gap and your trim is warped or burned and or cracked and brittle from the heat. my suggestion is to run that fan at all times when you cook with a larger pan. will need a long phillips #2 (9"+shaft). 3 screws fasten this part. the middle screw is directly behind "PUSH" area. you may be able to remove the outer 2 by way of grease filter holes (and yes remove filters). but save yourself the trouble and remove extension tray completely. (1) 2 screws on each side of tray (remove) fasten it to extension rails. (2) i used a cardboard box to support the assembly (no room for second person) metal spring coil on each side. remove one side at a time pay attention to the orientation and be cautious (sharp). straighten, but don't kink until the end (unattached) nearest you comes of the roller. I rolled it back on itself and hooked it to the unit near attachment. remember to maintain the attached end in its original position if it spins. that odd flex is what retracts the tray. I (3) the tray tray should be free, be careful not to strip screws holding part, and be careful not to break part re inserting screws (cheap plastic, that is why we are replacing.) also, everything will be greasy, so plenty of cleaner and cloth. CHEERS

Reviews 1Votes 1
• 5 years ago
Bub13• 5 years ago
Not too difficult but time consuming.

Must remove the bottom tray that holds the filters and lights. Just 8 screws. But, shut off the power or unplug first as the lights are ground switched!! This means that even if the lights are off, there is power to the socket!! The slide assembly must then be removed from the tray and disassembled to access the 3 screws that attach the trim piece.