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Washer door boot MDS47123604 is an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) part that fits some front-load washers in these series: Kenmore Elite 796; and LG WM336 and WM355.

Door boot MDS47123604 forms a seal between the wash tub and the door, preventing leaks.

Spring clamps attach the door boot to the front panel on one side and the washer tub on the other. Open the washer door, remove the outer spring clamp and then pull off the washer front panel to remove the door boot from the tub.

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Reviews 1Votes 0
• 3 years ago
• 3 years ago
Great Customer Service

Customer Service was outstanding. The sales person helped me find the exact part I needed for my washer and it was shipped out immediately. Very pleased.

easton, paReviews 1Votes 1
• 5 years ago
brooklynron• 5 years ago
Very Difficult to install need lg's tools!

Hard to take put back on the inner and outer rings with springs that hold this gasket in and make water tight seal. 2 different tools for 2 different springs. the tools cost me $155. You can also take your old moldy gasket, put it in a bucket with a gallon of bleach and water for 24hrs, comes out like brand new.

OhioReviews 1Votes 0
• 5 years ago
Tigger• 5 years ago
Simple installation

Old gasket developed leak from drain clamp. Installation took about thirty minutes. Repositioned clamp and taped sharp edges.

MAReviews 1Votes 0
• 4 years ago
RCap• 4 years ago
Probably requires a professional

Had Sear's technician do it and it took well over an hour.

Reviews 1Votes 0
• 5 years ago
Cesarc47• 5 years ago
Perfect fit.

Not as easy as I thought. Looks easy but you have to be carefull to align the top and bottom so that it drains properly. Also the springs that hold the gasket were challenging to secure.

Baltimore, MDReviews 1Votes 0
• 2 years ago
Brett• 2 years ago
Works now…

Very difficult to install, there are two springs (inner and outer) that need to be removed and put back on when changing it out. The outer spring need a special tool ($20) but the inner spring also needs a special tool which I could not seem to find.

Long story short, after about two hours of messing around with other tools I finally got it back on. There are a few videos out there on replacing it but none of them seem to capture this stupid design. It obviously needs the spring to make it water tight but they could of just used a different non-tool specific one…

Response from Sears PartsDirect:
MSO OFFLINE • 2 years ago

We are sorry to hear we did not meet your expectations. Our products ship directly from the manufacturer and at times do not contain instructions. If you are needing further assistance obtaining instructions, please visit and click the chat option on the bottom right corner to speak with a Parts Direct chat representative.

Madison, AlabamaReviews 1Votes 1
• 4 years ago
DieHardDIYer• 4 years ago
Not as easy to install as the video...

The video makes it look way too...easy. The guy practically tosses it into place like a frisbee....No. Can you do it?...yes. Is it easy?....meh. Take pictures of what that boot looks like before you remove the two metal retaining bands (outer / inner)...know how they go back on. Pay attention to how the inside rubber lip of the door boot is flush against the plastic outer tub...that is the key to correctly sealing the door boot system and getting the inner retaining band in place without that special tool is a nightmare...doable...but have a tourniquet handy for the finger you're about to take a plug out of with that pair of vise grip pliers you are tugging on! If the inside seal looks any different from've done it wrong and get a shopvac ready to vacuum up several gallons of water from your laundry room floor. Ask me how I know....find the right groove to press the inner boot onto and you'll get it to look flush like in the video.

Newark, DEReviews 1Votes 0
• 5 years ago
kgimbutas• 5 years ago
Unable to install

Had to order a tool from amazon to stretch the wire. Waiting for the tool to come.