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Model #PHP9036BM1TS GE electric counter unit

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Cooktop Main Top Seal


Control panel & cooktop Diagram

Cooktop main top seal

Part #WB02X26088

In Stock

Range Installation


Control panel & cooktop Diagram

Range installation

Part #WB01X24570

In Stock



Control panel & cooktop Diagram

Burner bottom box

Part #WB63X29540

In Stock



Control panel & cooktop Diagram


Part #WB30X21490

In Stock

Display Board


Control panel & cooktop Diagram

Display board

Part #WB27X24230

In Stock

Wire Harness


Control panel & cooktop Diagram

Wire harness

Part #WB18X24501

In Stock

Board Rj45 C


Control panel & cooktop Diagram

Board rj45 c

Part #WB27X24119

In Stock



Control panel & cooktop Diagram

Trim asm ss

Part #WB07X27420

In Stock

Induction Assembly


Control panel & cooktop Diagram

Induction assembly

Part #WB27X27184

In Stock



Control panel & cooktop Diagram


Part #WB02X26802

In Stock

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