Gas Water Heater

Model #NU50T62-403 Whirlpool water heater

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Water Heater High-Temperature Sensor


Water heater Diagram


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Water Heater Dip Tube


Water heater Diagram

Water heater dip tube

Part #4710745

In Stock

Water Heater Gas Control Valve


Water heater Diagram


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Water Heater Pilot Assembly


Water heater Diagram


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Water Heater Burner Assembly


Water heater Diagram


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Water Heater Burner Orifice


Water heater Diagram

Water heater burner orifice

Part #186016-033
Manufacturer substitution
This part replaces 186016-033. Substitute parts can look different from the original.
This part replaces 186016-033

In Stock

Symptoms common to all water heaters

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Main causes: water supply needs chlorine treatment, anode rod too reactive
Main causes: thermostat temperature set too high, thermostats need adjustment, faulty thermostat, shorted heating element
Main causes: thermostats need adjustment, water heater capacity too low, bad heating element, thermostat failure, excessive tank sediment
Main causes: lack of power, no gas supply, thermostat limit switch tripped, bad element, bad thermostat, gas valve failure, bad thermocouple
Main causes: broken heating element, thermostat failure, excessive tank sediment, tank size too small, burner valve assembly failure
Main causes: faulty pressure relief valve, water is overheating
Main causes: loose water pipe fittings, leaky drain valve, bad temperature-pressure relief valve, leaky heating element, cracked tank

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