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Range Natural Gas Conversion Kit 12001986


Part #12001986

This part is no longer available.

We've permanently sold out of this part. It's no longer available from the manufacturer and the manufacturer has no substitute for this part. Although our call center staff is always happy to help when possible, they don't have access to this part. You might be able to find the part through another replacement parts retailer or through a reseller on Ebay or similar website. If you can't find that part and decide to replace the product, we invite you to visit

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Part Information

This natural gas conversion kit (part number 12001986) is for ranges.

Natural gas conversion kit 12001986 contains the orifices and instructions to convert the range from liquid propane to natural gas.

A qualified technician should install this natural gas conversion kit because of the risk of explosion or fire if the kit is installed incorrectly.

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Mad customer
AlaReviews 1Votes 0
• 2 years ago
Mad customer• 2 years ago
Need a refund

After 9 months wrong parts ⁰⁰⁰00000000000000000000

Response from Sears PartsDirect:
Social media • 2 years ago

Hello, thank you for your review! We are very sorry to hear how your experience went. You can contact our Sears Online Customer Service at: 1-800-697-3277 or 1-800-349-4358 if you have issues in the future. Hours of operation: 24 hours 7 days a week. Thank you

Winnebag, MnReviews 1Votes 0
• 4 years ago
jeromes• 4 years ago
Change over from L.P. to Nat. gas.

The kit sent had 4 orifices, the cooktop had 5 burners. I had orifices on hand from other conversions and was able to get it to work. It seemed like a long time to get the kit.

Reviews 1Votes 0
• 5 years ago
Dean64• 5 years ago
Wrong part

Wrong part did not work wrong oven orfice mine is a mgr8674aw0