Official Carrier parts

Carrier is a company that found its niche in home air quality long ago. Since the original Carrier home and business climate control products were marketed in 1902, the Carrier company has expanded its approach to include advanced technological innovations. Though Carrier has not limited its expertise to home comfort, the company name is most familiar to homeowners as producers of air conditioning units.

Some typical home comfort products produced by Carrier

  • Furnace–Carrier manufactures safe and efficient gas furnaces to heat your home during colder months.
  • Heat pump–Carrier was one of the first manufacturers of heat pumps. A heat pump transfers heat out of your home during warmer months and moves heat into your home during colder months.
  • Room air conditioner–A room air conditioner allows you to cool a single room or space without having to cool your whole home.
  • Humidifiers–Carrier humidifiers help restore moisture to heated air during the winter months.
  • Air purifiers–Air purifiers remove dust and allergens so you can breath healthy air inside your home.

Carrier parts that DIYers can replace

  • Air filters. Air filters are easy to replace in most Carrier products. Follow the instructions in your owner's manual to replace air filters at required intervals in your Carrier products.
  • Thermostat. When your thermostat quits working, you can shut off power to your air conditioner and replace the thermostat yourself in most situations.
  • Room air conditioner control board. Replacing the electronic control board in a room air conditioner is a basic repair that many DIYers can safely complete. Unplug the air conditioner before replacing the control board.