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Cap Screw STD522506

Part #STD522506

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This part fits

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Model NameModel NumberDiagram Name
Model #2582398170 Kenmore charcoal grill2582398170
Cart for model 258.2398170
Model #2581060420 Kenmore gas grill2581060420
Model #10203 Kenmore gas grill10203
Grill assembly
Model #2581069810 Craftsman gas grill2581069810
Replacement parts
Model #2582373780 Kenmore charcoal grill2582373780
Grill, burner section and cart
Model #2581034180 Kenmore charcoal grill2581034180
Grill and burner section and cart
Model #2581050330 Craftsman gas grill2581050330
Cart assembly
Model #10503 Kenmore gas grill10503
Cart assembly
Model #2582338070 Kenmore charcoal grill2582338070
Post, patio base, standard cart & deluxe cart
Model #2582337910 Craftsman gas grill2582337910
Post, patio base and cart