June 9, 2018

Easy DIY range repairs

By Sears PartsDirect staff
Easy DIY range repairs.
Easy DIY range repairs.

They say the kitchen is the heart of a home. It's where we mix our love for our families and friends into the dishes we make. So when the kitchen range breaks, it's as if the home's heart breaks as well. Fortunately, the troubleshooting advice and repair guides in our DIY gas and electric range repair section can help you keep the heart of your home beating. And if your range is flashing an error code, our explanations of range error codes help you diagnose the problem. 

The repairs listed here take less than 30 minutes and use just a few common tools. We'll help you get the right part for your range repair, too.

Oven door either won't lock or won't unlock

The oven door lock is a safety feature that prevents you from opening the door during the self-clean cycle, or when the control lockout is active. If the lock breaks, the door either won't unlock after cleaning, or won't lock at all.

If the door doesn't lock correctly, our DIY repair guide How to replace a range oven door lock assembly has the instructions to complete this easy repair.

Oven temperature too hot or too cold

The oven temperature sensor measures the oven temperature and sends this information to the oven control board. If the sensor stops working, the oven is too hot or too cool. Our DIY repair guides How to replace an oven temperature sensor on a gas range and How to replace an oven temperature sensor on an electric range both give instructions for this easy repair.

Coil cooktop element not heating

The coil surface element on an electric range is the heat source for the cooktop. If it's damaged or burned out, it stops heating. The instructions for this quick and easy fix are in our DIY repair guide How to replace a coil surface element.

Surface element switch doesn't work

The surface element switch, also called an infinite switch, controls the power to the surface element. If the surface element stops heating, it could be a bad infinite switch. See our DIY repair guide How to replace a surface element switch for help replacing this part.

Oven won't bake or broil

The electronic oven control board operates the bake and the broil functions, and provides the digital display on the control panel. If it fails, it could stop sending power to the oven elements, or the display could disappear. The repair is simple following the instructions in our DIY repair guides How to replace a gas range oven control board and How to replace an electric range oven control board.

Symptoms common to all ranges

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Main causes: food splatters, spilling food on the oven door, allowing liquid to drip through oven door vent when cleaning the door
Main causes: power supply problem, control thermostat or electronic control board failure, broken element, bad burner igniter
Main causes: bad bake element, broken burner igniter, control system failure, blown thermal fuse, faulty temperature sensor, wiring failure
Main causes: power supply failure, blown thermal fuse, bad relay control board, damaged terminal block, wiring failure
Main causes: broken oven door lock assembly, wiring failure, electronic control board problem
Main causes: faulty temperature sensor, electronic control board problem, control thermostat failure, weak burner igniter, oven door problem
Main causes: broken broiler element, weak or broken broil burner igniter, control system failure, faulty temperature sensor, wiring failure

Repair guides common to all ranges

These step-by-step repair guides will help you safely fix what’s broken on your range.

July 20, 2018
By Lyle Weischwill
How to replace a range oven door switch

The oven door switch detects whether the oven door is closed and helps control the oven light. Replace the switch if it doesn’t control the oven light properly.

Repair difficulty
Time required
 30 minutes or less
February 20, 2015
By Lyle Weischwill
How to replace a range oven door lock assembly

Oven door not locking? You can replace the lock assembly in less than 30 minutes. Here's how.

Repair difficulty
Time required
 15 minutes or less

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