April 3, 2015

Easy DIY freezer repairs

By Sears PartsDirect staff
Easy DIY freezer repair.
Easy DIY freezer repair.

One of the reasons we use a stand-alone freezer is the cost-savings advantages of buying in bulk. So when the freezer breaks down, the potential loss of the value-priced family pack of Tenderloin steak I garnered makes me feel like an expensive cow just wrestled me to the ground.

DIY repair gives me the same satisfaction as buying in bulk. Just a small investment of time now saves me from waiting for repair, all for a much lower cost. The troubleshooting tips and list of common parts in our DIY freezer repair section can help you determine what is wrong with your freezer, and our freezer repair guides are designed to make fixing the problem yourself very easy.

The repair guides I've listed below are all for problems that could lead to food loss. These money-saving repairs are all simple and quick, each between 15 to 30 minutes, and could even help you save those expensive cuts of meat you were looking forward to.

Failed freezer cold control thermostat

The cold control thermostat does what its name suggests; it controls the freezer temperature. If it fails, the temperatures may fluctuate or become too warm. Our DIY repair guide How to replace a freezer temperature control thermostat shows you how to fix this problem.

Faulty freezer compressor start relay

A start relay helps the compressor motor start. If the start relay fails, it sometimes makes a clicking noise when the compressor starts. Some bad start relays will rattle when you shake it, or the terminals may look burned. The repair is easy following the instructions in our DIY repair guide How to replace a freezer compressor start relay.

Damaged chest freezer lid gasket

The gasket, or seal, forms an airtight seal between the freezer chest and the lid keeping cold air inside. If the gasket is torn or damaged, warm air can enter the freezer causing excessive frost to form which can damage food. The instructions for fixing this are in our DIY repair guide How to replace a freezer lid gasket.

Failed door switch

While the door switch itself doesn't affect freezer temperatures, a failed switch could keep the alarm from sounding if the door is left open. Our DIY repair guide How to replace a freezer door switch shows you how to repair this issue.

Symptoms common to all freestanding freezers

Choose a symptom to see related freezer repairs.

Main causes: lack of power, bad compressor, refrigerant leak, bad thermistor, defrost system failure, dirty condenser coils, control failure
Main causes: leaky door or lid gasket, broken defrost heater, bad defrost bi-metal thermostat, defrost control failure, faulty compressor
Main causes: dirty condenser coils, condenser fan failure, dirty bottom front grill, leaky door or lid gasket
Main causes: burned out light bulb, bad door or lid switch, faulty LED light board, wiring failure, control system failure
Main causes: lack of power, control system failure, broken compressor start relay, locked up compressor, compressor motor failure
Main causes: damaged door or lid gasket, cracked cabinet liner, bad defrost bi-metal thermostat, broken defrost heater, bad defrost timer
Main causes: compressor failure, no refrigerant, faulty sensor, control failure, broken defrost heater, bad defrost bi-metal thermostat
Main causes: excessive frost, bad defrost heater, bad defrost bi-metal, control system failure, low refrigerant charge, compressor problems

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