Model #SHE68T55UC/03 Official Bosch dishwasher

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Dishwasher Dishrack Roller, Lower (replaces 611475)#621

Rack Diagram

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Dishwasher Circulation Pump Micro Filter (replaces 645038)#615

Rack Diagram

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Dishwasher Tine Row Pivot Clip (replaces 611981)#626

Rack Diagram

Dishwasher tine row pivot clip (replaces 611981)

Part #00611981
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Dishwasher Trim Kit (replaces 744998)#301

Cabinet Diagram

Dishwasher trim kit (replaces 744998)

Part #00744998
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Dishwasher Drain Hose (replaces 744881)#434

Pump Diagram

Dishwasher drain hose (replaces 744881)

Part #00744881
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Dishwasher Spray Arm, Upper (replaces 745856)#603

Rack Diagram

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Dishwasher Tine Row Retainer#609

Rack Diagram

Dishwasher tine row retainer

Part #00616989
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Dishwasher Diverter Assembly (replaces 751950)#406

Pump Diagram

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Dishwasher Detergent Dispenser Assembly (replaces 645208)#215

Door Diagram

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Dishwasher Door Lock Kit (replaces 630784)

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Dishwasher door lock kit (replaces 630784)

Part #00630784
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Symptoms common to all dishwashers

Choose a symptom to see related dishwasher repairs.

Main cause: damaged rack height adjuster
Main causes: water supply problem, stuck overfill float, clogged water inlet valve screen, water inlet valve failure
Main causes: improper loading, low water temperature, improper detergent dosage, detergent dispenser failure, spray arm or pump problems
Main causes: damaged or stuck spray arm, leaking door seal, damaged door hinge, leaky heating element water seal, cracked water supply line
Main causes: broken door latch, tripped circuit breaker, broken heating element, faulty vent fan, sensor failure, control system problem
Main causes: light switch beside the sink turned off, lack of power, bad dishwasher door switch, control system failure, wiring problem
Main causes: clogged kitchen sink drain, clogged drain hose, drain check valve damaged, drain pump failure, control system problem
Main causes: broken door spring, damaged or broken door hinge
Main causes: glass or popcorn kernel stuck in the chopper blade, drain line vibrating against the cabinet, debris in wash pump or drain pump

Repair guides common to all dishwashers

These step-by-step repair guides will help you safely fix what’s broken on your dishwasher.

How to replace a dishwasher door latch assembly

If the dishwasher door doesn't click shut, a broken door latch is a likely cause. Follow these instructions to replace it yourself.

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