Refrigerator Flipper Assembly DA97-12624C

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Part #DA97-12624C

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This flipper assembly (part number DA97-12624C) is for refrigerators.

Flipper assembly DA97-12624C creates an airtight seal between the doors on a French-door refrigerator.

Safely store any food that could deteriorate while the power is off and unplug the refrigerator before installing this part. Wear work gloves to protect your hands.


Easy to install
August 17, 2021

Turn off your breaker,, unplug the fridge.. Remove 2 Phillips head screws, on the center hinge, push the flapper up to release the hinges out if their slots. Unplug the electrical connector inside the center hinge hole. Remove the flapper, you can tape the harness to the door to hold the connector in place if needed. To install the new flapper. Plug in the connector at the center hinge, carefully push the harness into the hole in the door. Align the 3 hinges with their slots in the door. Slide the flapper down into place. Reinstall the center 2 Phillips head screws on the center hinge. Insure the flapper works properly. Carefully check the flapper at the top. Make sure the tongue at the top pops in and out easily. When the flapper is in the closed position and the door is open, close the door slowly. Make sure the tongue at the top of the flapper touches the bracket at top. The tongue should go down into the flapper and pop up into the track when it clears the bracket. In the open flapper position, the tongue should enter the track. The track will close the flapper itself when closing the door. My flapper tongue had broken off, leaving a huge gap between the doors. Excessive moisture entering the fridge froze against the twin cooler fan at the back of the fridge. The excessive fan noise is what alerted us to gap between the doors from the broken flapper. Oddly the light inside the fridge turns off immediately when the door shuts, so we didn't notice the open gap between the doors at first.

No screws or spring at the lower hinge
No screws or spring at upper hinge
Remove 2 center hinge screws, internal spring and harness connector behind this hinge.
Tongue pops back up once in the track
Tongue is tapered to make the tongue drop
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ArtyD, Barnegat, NJ

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