Official White-Westinghouse parts

Whether they're keeping your food refrigerated, cooking your meals or cleaning your clothes, White-Westinghouse appliances that have become essential to the conveniences of modern life. Regardless of how well designed your White-Westinghouse appliance is, it can break down at any time. When that happens, depend on Sears PartsDirect for the repair parts you need to fix the problem.

Common White-Westinghouse parts that break down

  • Motor—The electric motors that power White-Westinghouse appliances can experience strain, leading to premature burnout if they're running too long or too hard. Motor failure can also result from electrical problems and mechanical failure of other components that strain the motor.
  • Heating coils—Dryers and ranges have heating coils that can fail. If the metal becomes stressed from overuse, the coils will break and need replacing.
  • Belts—Belts used in these appliances and can crack, rip, tear or break due to age, overuse and high stress.
  • Electrical components—Electrical appliances have parts that can overload and burn out from time to time. Also, wires can fray, and plug prongs can bend or break.
  • Hinges—Many appliances feature doors that are kept in place with hinges that can suffer from rust damage and become bent or broken if too much weight or pressure is applied to them.

Repairing the drum belt on your Westinghouse dryer

If you turn on your dryer and the motor runs but the drum doesn't spin, then it could mean you have a broken drum belt. Unplug the dryer, open up the cabinet and check the belt. If it's snapped, then you'll need to replace it. First, wrap the belt around the drum. Next, you'll need to run the belt through the idler pulley and around the motor pulley. The idler pulley is the arm with a pulley on the outside end and it’s fastened in place with a spring. The idler pulley tensions the belt on the drum and the motor pulley. After replacing the belt, reassemble the dryer and plug it back in.