Refrigerator Freezer Shelf WR71X1955

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Part #WR71X1955

This part is no longer available.

We've permanently sold out of this part. It's no longer available from the manufacturer and the manufacturer has no substitute for this part. Although our call center staff is always happy to help when possible, they don't have access to this part. If you can't find that part and decide to replace the product, we invite you to visit

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Part Information

This freezer shelf (part number WR71X1955) is for refrigerators.

Follow the directions in the owner's manual to install freezer shelf WR71X1955 in your refrigerator. Wear work gloves to protect your hands.


Shelf Does Not Fit Freezer Box
November 04, 2020

I am unable to obtain a shelf to fit into my Sears refrigerator. The only shelf they offer for this model (lowest priced, smallest model refrigerator) is a small shelf to fit an ice cube tray, Well there is a lot of apace in the freezer box. So my frozen meat and fish is all piled up like a mountain.

Maya, Albany, NY.

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Ease of Installation
Very Difficult
Duration of Installation
Less than 30 minutes

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