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These articles and videos from Sears PartsDirect can help you use your trash compactor effectively and safely. From loading the compactor to preventing compactor odors, we have the advice and tips to help you keep your equipment running for years. For more DIY advice, check out our trash compactor repair help section for troubleshooting guidance and step-by-step repair instructions.

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Articles and videos common to all trash compactors

August 18, 2021
Using a wiring schematic to trace a current.

Find out what’s wrong with your appliance by following a circuit.

August 18, 2021
Wiring schematic symbols explained.

Learn some of the most common symbols found in a wiring diagram and what they mean.

August 17, 2021
How to read a wiring schematic.

Learn how to decipher symbols so you can buy the right part for your problem.

January 1, 2019
Bring several cups of water mixed with several tablespoons of lemon juice to a boil in your microwave to help loosen the caked-on dirt.

These 7 kitchen-cleaning tips are out of the ordinary and super helpful.

January 29, 2015
Appliance repair DIY: what to know before you begin.

See what things you should do before beginning a DIY appliance repair project.

January 6, 2015
What to check if a trash compactor drawer is stuck.

Learn what to check if you are having problems with the drawer sticking on your trash compactor.

January 5, 2015
These 10 tools are a must-have for appliance repair.

Come see which tools made our top 10 must-haves for DIY appliance repair.

December 26, 2014
Learn the right way to load a trash compactor.

Learn the proper way to place your trash in your trash compactor.

December 26, 2014
See how to prevent trash compactor odors.

Here are helpful tips for keeping your trash compactor clean and fresh.

July 1, 2014
Trash compactor common questions.

See what questions our experts most often get about trash compactors.

Symptoms common to all trash compactors

Choose a symptom to see related trash compactor repairs.

Main causes: bent drawer support rollers, damaged trash container
Main causes: stripped or broken power nuts, broken or disconnected drive gear and sprocket chain, damaged drive parts
Main causes: broken drive gear and sprocket chain, stripped power nuts, faulty top limit and directional switch
Main cause: faulty drawer tilt switch
Main causes: stuck foot pedal, bad momentary start switch, power switch failure
Main causes: lack of power, faulty drawer safety switch, bad power switch, momentary start switch failure, bad drive motor, wiring failure

Repair guides common to all trash compactors

These step-by-step repair guides will help you safely fix what’s broken on your trash compactor.

How to replace a trash compactor motor centrifugal switch

If the trash compactor ram won’t return to the top position, replace the motor centrifugal switch by following the instructions in this repair guide.

Repair difficulty
Time required
 45 minutes or less
How to replace a trash compactor momentary start switch

The momentary start switch starts the motor when you lift the foot pedal. This repair guide shows how to replace the switch if it stops working

Repair difficulty
Time required
 15 minutes or less
June 1, 2013
By Lyle Weischwill
How to replace a trash compactor power switch

If the trash compactor won’t power up, use the steps in this repair guide to replace the power switch.

Repair difficulty
Time required
 30 minutes or less