Official Toastmaster parts

Toastmaster makes a variety of small kitchen appliances, including toasters, toaster ovens, food steamers, griddles and more. Over time, these appliances may experience problems due to regular wear and tear or damage. Trust Sears PartsDirect to have the repair parts you need to fix your Toastmaster appliances.

Solutions to common Toastmaster product issues

  • Your Toastmaster convection oven isn't heating up—Generally, if your oven isn't heating up at all, it means that the heating element has worn out and needs to be replaced. Unplug the convection oven and replace the heating element if it doesn't heat up when it getts electrical current from the control.
  • Your griddle overheats—If your Toastmaster griddle suddenly heats constantly, a faulty heat control mechanism is likely the cause. Before replacing the heat control mechanism, unplug the griddle and check for residue buildup on the mechanism that could have caused the switch to stick. If you see residue on the control, carefully clean the mechanism using a cotton swab moistened with isopropyl alcohol, and then let the component dry. Reassemble the griddle and see if it heats properly. If not, then you'll need to replace the heat control.
  • The Toastmaster toaster isn’t popping up when your toast is done—First, unplug your toaster from the electrical source and check to make sure that there are no crumbs blocking the trigger. If you’ve cleaned out all the crumbs and your toaster still isn’t popping up your toast, then you need to replace the trigger.
  • Your Toastmaster waffle iron is heating unevenly or not at all—If your waffles are consistently underdone no matter how long you cook them for, then you may have a faulty heating element. Remember to unplug the waffle iron from before replacing the element.

Troubleshooting your Toastmaster toaster oven

  • Timer control—The timer control of the toaster oven tells it how long to toast, bake or broil your food, and it automatically shuts the oven off when done. If your toaster oven stays on even after the timer has rung, then the timer control needs to be replaced.
  • Main switch—The main switch of the toaster oven is a heavily used component and is often the primary problem if your toaster oven isn't working. Check wiring connected to the switch and reconnect any loose wires. This will often resolve the issue. If switch wiring is intact, you may need to replace the main switch.
  • Heating element—The heating element is essentially the electrical conductor that uses electricity to heat up the oven. If you notice that the element isn't glowing or the oven is simply not getting hot, then unplug the toaster oven and use a multimeter to check continuity through the element. Replace the element if you measure no continuity.
  • Thermal fuse—The job of the thermal fuse is to protect unit from excessive current due to a short circuit. Check the thermal fuse if the toaster oven won’t heat at all. Replace the thermal fuse if it’s blown.