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Washer Bolt (replaces 4040FR4051B) 4040FR4051C


Part #4040FR4051C

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This bolt (part number 4040FR4051C) is for washers.

Follow appropriate safety practices when installing bolt 4040FR4051C.

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sfReviews 2Votes 0
• 3 years ago
wjohnn• 3 years ago
easy fix

it works now after fixing assembly. only wish the center part could be replaced instead of entire assembly.

Evans, GAReviews 5Votes 2
• 5 years ago
Shave• 5 years ago
The right part...

Took only a few minutes to install. Removed the protective cover from the back of the front loading LG washer, removed the old bolt, cleaned the female threaded insert with a small stiff bristle brush and an appropriate cleaner (leaves no residue), treated the new bolt and the female threaded insert with Loctite 242, mounted the the new bolt to MAXIMUM tightness, replaced the cover, and allowed the Loctite to set for more than 24 hours before attempting to wash any loads.

***NOTE: I used a soft wood board that was long enough to keep the drum from rotating as I tightened the new bolt. I wedged one end of the wood board up against one of the washer arms inside the drum and the other end up against the laundry room door jamb in this scenario. Once the bolt began to tighten, the wood kept the drum from spinning and I was able to apply a SLOW and STEADY amount of force; enough force to fully tighten the bolt without damaging the drum. The bolt will stop turning when it has hit its max. If wedging something against the inside of the drum is your only option, remember that using abrupt and quick force while tightening the bolt may cause your wedging material to damage the drum or whatever you have it wedged against. Also, I don't recommend using a person to hold the drum for this repair unless they have strong hands and brute strength. My experience was that having a person hold the drum did not allow me to reach maximum tightness on this bolt as the drum tends to move a little because the person just could not keep the drum firmly in place. A bolt that is not fully tightened will eventually back out of the drum and the repair will have to be performed again. Lesson learned. I'm hoping my second attempt seals the deal.

Call an expert service technician if you feel you cannot make this repair, or you do not wish to make this repair.

I hope this helps!