Gas Walk-Behind Mower

Model #UT32017B Homelite riding lawn mower

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    Symptoms for gas walk-behind mowers

    Choose a symptom to see related walk-behind mower repairs.

    Main causes: uneven wheel height settings, damaged wheel, dull or damaged cutting blade
    Main causes: damaged cutting blade, loose cutting blade, damaged flywheel key, engine needs tune up
    Main causes: dirty carburetor, bad spark plug, clogged air filter, engine choke problems, clogged gas cap vent
    Main causes: engine needs tune up, dirty or clogged carburetor, damaged flywheel key
    Main causes: drive control cable failure, worn or broken drive belt, bad transmission, broken drive wheel
    Main causes: stale gas, engine needs tune up, bad spark plug, dead battery, bad recoil starter, faulty safety switch, bad ignition coil

    Repair guides for gas walk-behind mowers

    These step-by-step repair guides will help you safely fix what’s broken on your walk-behind lawn mower.

    March 1, 2016
    By Lyle Weischwill
    How to replace a lawn mower blade

    Check your lawn mower blade regularly and replaced it if it's bent or damaged.

    Repair difficulty
    Time required
     15 minutes or less
    How to replace a lawn mower ignition coil on an OHV engine

    Replace the ignition coil if it isn't sending electric current to the spark plug when you pull the recoil starter rope.

    Repair difficulty
    Time required
     30 minutes or less
    How to replace a lawn mower flywheel key on a flathead engine

    When you hit a hard object with your mower, the flywheel can shear to protect more expensive components. Learn how to replace this tiny but essential part.

    Repair difficulty
    Time required
     45 minutes or less

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