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Hampton Bay makes room air conditioners for various room sizes and applications. If your room air conditioner isn't cooling as it should, you may need to replace some parts. If the air conditioner won't turn on at all, you may need to replace the power cord or the electronic control board.

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Why did your room air conditioner stop working?

Your air conditioner can be expensive to repair; however, it is possible to fix it yourself. The first thing you should do if your room air conditioner isn't working is to check the power supply. If everything is plugged in properly and there is no blown fuse, then check the thermostat. Troubleshoot the problem by lowering the temperature, and listen to see if the unit starts. It is essential to change your air conditioning filters regularly. A dirty or clogged filter can cause your compressor to stop working. If your system is turning off and on too frequently, it is probably freezing up due to a clogged filter. Air conditioner evaporators and coils also need to be maintained and cleaned on a regular basis.

Air conditioners work by moving warm air through evaporator fins that cool the air. The most common problem with air conditioners is thermostat malfunctions. Be sure the temperature is set at the proper setting. If you recently replaced your thermostat and it is not working, it may be the wrong thermostat type. Air conditioner cooling problems can also be due to leaking refrigerant or issues with the compressor.

What are common air conditioner replacement parts?

  • Thermistor: The thermistor is a temperature sensor that detects temperature inside the room. The thermistor sends the temperature signal to the electronic control board which cycles the air conditioner on and off to maintain the set temperature.
  • Compressor: This pump compresses the refrigerator that flows through the evaporator and cools the air.
  • Condenser coils: These coils cool down the compressed liquid refrigerant before the refrigerant enters the evaporator to cool the air.
  • Blower fan: Blower fans circulate air through the evaporator fins and into the room for cooling.
  • Electronic controls: Electronic control boards monitor temperatures and cycle the air conditioner on and off to maintain the set temperature.

Some popular models of heating and air conditioning pump systems are the Hampton Bay model HBDE180-A or the Hampton Bay 14000 BTU compact portable room air conditioner. This quiet and portable air conditioner comes with a remote, timer, night and day temperature setup and dehumidifier control. The Hampton Bay model HBLG8004R is another window air conditioner.

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