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Are you having issues with your Bowflex workout equipment? This brand designs a wide variety of different types of exercise equipment. Even though the bows in Bowflex home gym systems rarely wear out, other parts can break down if your Bowflex system is used often.

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What can go wrong with a Bowflex system?

One issue that you may experience with Bowflex equipment is a sensor malfunction on the Bowflex TreadClimber. This stepper workout machine normally judges the exact speed at which the user is moving and adjusts accordingly. When this sensor is malfunctioning, however, your TreadClimber may behave erratically.

The walking belt on a TreadClimber can also become misaligned after steady use. This issue can generate friction when the belt rotates, and it can even lead to the machine failing altogether if the issue isn't addressed.

Issues with resistance can also develop. Resistance is the amount of kinetic force required to move the track in a TreadClimber. If resistance is too high or too low, it can become impossible to enjoy an effective workout.

What are some common parts used to fix Bowflex equipment?

Purchasing one of these parts may remedy the issue that you're experiencing with your Bowflex TreadClimber or Bowflex home gym weight system.

  • Transmitter—The transmitter is the part of a Bowflex workout machine that feeds information about your heart rate to the Bowflex sensor cluster. If this part develops an issue, sensor readings may become inaccurate.
  • Keypad—The keypad is the device used to change settings on a Bowflex machine. If this component malfunctions, you may be unable to control your workout machine.
  • AC cord—The AC cord connects the Bowflex machine to an AC power source. If this cord is not operational, the machine won't power up.
  • Front roller—The front roller controls the speed and resistance of the track. Replacing this part may help with issues on your machine's track.
  • Rear roller—The rear roller provides supplemental speed and resistance control. This part can also be replaced if you experience track issues.