Official Poulan parts

Poulan manufactures a variety of outdoor landscaping equipment that's suited for homeowners who take pride in a well-maintained property. If you've noticed that your Poulan equipment isn't operating like it used to, then there may be a part that needs to be repaired or replaced.

Common Poulan products and parts

  • Leaf blowers such as the BP402LE and the BP400
  • Line trimmers including the 112 and the BC24W
  • Chainsaws such as the 3800 and the 2300AV
  • Lawn edgers like the PE3500
  • Snow removers including the 96192001900
  • Walk-behind lawn mowers such as the XT625Y22RKP

Six common parts in Poulan equipment that may break

  1. Carburetor—Gas-powered equipment has a small carburetor that mixes fuel and air at a specific ratio to power the engine. If the carburetor is damaged, then it may leak and likely won’t provide the right mix of air and fuel to the engine.
  2. Fuel line—The fuel line connects the fuel tank to the carburetor. A fuel line may become brittle over time. If it starts to leak or doesn't connect securely on either end, then it will need to be replaced to avoid fuel leaks.
  3. Auger—The auger on a snow blower moves snow into the impeller and through the directional chute. A damaged auger may not work properly and should be replaced.
  4. Guide bar—The guide bar on a chainsaw is the bar on which the cutting chain spins. A loose guide bar can be tightened, but if it's damaged, be sure to replace it to prevent injury.
  5. Cutting blade—Cutting blades on walk-behind lawn mowers may loosen up over time and get damaged when hitting rocks. If it's loose, the cutting blade may cause the mower to vibrate and will need to be tightened. This blade should be replaced if it's damaged.
  6. Spark plug—The spark plug on a combustion engine uses an electric spark to ignite the combustible fuel inside the cylinder. If the spark plug is fouled or corroded, it may not spark and will need to be replaced.