Official Sony parts

When it comes to the Sony electronics you own, there are a lot of intricate parts that can break down or wear out. On Sony televisions, a blackened or fuzzy screen can be caused by a transistor or diode on the control board that has burned out, loose internal connections or a rear input line that has become loose. Audio equipment like the receiver can also suffer from internal electronics failure and frayed wires. DVD players and video projectors can also exhibit part malfunctions. Once you have determined the issue that is affecting your piece of Sony equipment, the next step is to make repairs with certified genuine replacement parts, like those that we offer at Sears PartsDirect.

Some DIY diagnostic tips for your Sony equipment

  • When your audio system stops playing music, there are a few places to look for possible problems. Start by examining all the cords connecting the components together for fraying or tears. Do the same with the speaker wires and the power cord.
  • For audio speakers, take off the rear casing on the speakers and inspect them for any loose or frayed wires.
  • The last place to check for malfunction is the receiver. Unplug the receiver and check all the wires for damage. Open the receiver up and examine the motherboard for damage. Replace any damaged parts.
  • A big issue for DVD players is getting discs stuck inside the unit. This can result from the disc tray becoming misaligned or the machine tipping 90 degrees on its side or back. To get the disc out, you need to take off the top casing and manually open the tray gently. You should be able to move the disc around enough to get a grip on it and pull it out.
  • With a television, a display problem is usually caused by a failed circuit board. Either a transistor or diode on the circuit board has likely blown or a wire has come loose.
  • Video projectors can have issues with the lens becoming foggy or out of focus. You can try focusing and cleaning them to fix this, but ultimately, the lens may need to be replaced.

Sears PartsDirect has the parts you need at your fingertips

When you have diagnosed the problem with your Sony entertainment equipment and figured out what you need to repair it, you can find the part at Sears PartsDirect.