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With proper maintenance, your Troy-Bilt equipment should last for years. Occasionally, though, your lawn mower or other yard-care tool may require a replacement part or two.

Getting your Troy-Bilt equipment back in working order

Here are just a few of the Troy-Bilt machines that may need some routine maintenance:

Wood chipper: If your Troy-Bilt wood chipper isn't chipping wood properly, check the blades. They can become blunt over time, and the solution may be as simple as sharpening them. If the blades are in bad condition, it's time to replace them.

Line trimmer: If your line trimmer runs rough or gives you a lot of resistance, try cleaning the carburetor with a carburetor cleaner. Sometimes, the carburetor becomes clogged if fuel is left inside for too long. If cleaning doesn't work, you may need a replacement carburetor or fuel filter.

Pressure washer: If your high-pressure hose is leaking, examine the O-rings for signs of damage. You can remove old O-rings using a flathead screwdriver and then just replace them with new ones.

Snow blower: If your blower won't start, check the spark plug. If it reveals signs of a cracked insulator, a burned electrode or carbon buildup, replace the plug.

Common lawn mower problems

When your mower isn't starting, first check that there's fuel in the tank and that the fuel hasn’t broken down from sitting too long. If it has broken down or you believe the fuel may be stale, replace the fuel to see if that will help start the motor. Be sure to also check your spark plug to see if it's covered in oil or other deposits. This can stop the motor from starting as well. If you check these issues and they all seem to be in working condition, it may be time to change out some other parts.

These lawn mower parts may need to be replaced:

  • Carburetor—A clogged carburetor can cause a walk-behind mower to not start, to sputter, to run rough or to stop running after short periods of time. Replacing this part is generally less expensive than rebuilding it, although rebuilding is also an option.
  • Ignition coil—The ignition coil can be easy to test. If you have a spark plug tester handy, use it to find out if the spark plug is receiving electrical current from your ignition coil. If it's not, then it could be time to replace your ignition coil.
  • Battery or starter rope—Depending on the model you have, you may either need to replace the battery in a battery-operated mower, or you might need to replace the starter rope if you have a mower that starts when you pull on the rope.

Tuning up your Troy-Bilt walk-behind mower is something you’ll want to do as often as the owner's manual recommends. Use a new spark plug, a new air filter and new oil to tune up your walk-behind mower. These are all parts you can order easily from Sears PartsDirect.

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