Official Bissell parts

Floor cleaning machines such as carpet cleaners, floor scrubbers, sweepers, steam cleaners and vacuums get a heavy workout. The various belts, rollers, tanks and motors within these machines may require maintenance and/or replacement from time to time.

Troubleshooting your floor care machine

  • Roller won't rotate—Inspect the roller for string, hair or other foreign objects that may be holding the roller in a stationary position. Make sure the machine is turned off before removing the debris and inspecting the belts attached to the roller bar.
  • Leaking water tank—Floor scrubbers and carpet cleaners can experience leaking water tanks that can cause pools of water on the surrounding floor. Inspect the seals where the tank pushes into the machine. If a seal is warped, cracked or misshapen, replace it to prevent leaks. You can also try to stop leaks by repositioning seals back into their proper seating position with your fingers.
  • Loss of suction—Vacuums can experience a loss of suction at times. The most common cause is a debris bag that needs to be emptied or replaced.
  • Machine fails to power on—This can signal an issue with the power switch in your machine. Unplug the machine and check the power switch to ensure that it's not damaged or loose. If it is, you can tighten the switch using basic hand tools. You'll also want to inspect the power cord to ensure that it's not frayed or damaged. Some newer floor cleaning machines have a safety switch built into them that prevents the machine from powering on if all components aren't properly installed. Check the tanks, debris bags and belts to ensure they're in their correct position.
  • Foul odors—If you experience a foul-smelling odor coming from your machine, this may indicate that the return water storage tank needs to be cleaned.

Five common replacement parts

  1. Drive belt—The drive belt connects the force of the motor to propel the roller, allowing for dirt and debris in the carpet and upholstery to be forced upward for removal.
  2. Brush roller—A brush roller contains the bristles that sweep the floor or carpet. The bristles are responsible for sweeping the surface to get dirt and debris dislodged, allowing the floor cleaner to remove them.
  3. Hose assembly—A hose assembly is part of the hand-held feature of a floor cleaning machine. This part transfers dirt, debris and water from the floor or surface to a bag/holding tank within the machine for disposal.
  4. Carpet cleaner return tank—A carpet cleaner return tank is a part that holds the dirty water after it has been removed from the carpet or upholstered surface. These tanks can crack or become damaged due to the amount of use they get.
  5. Vacuum exhaust filter—A vacuum exhaust filter is a part that fits over the motor of a vacuum cleaner in some models. The filter collects dirt and allergens preventing their return to the air when the machine is operating.