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This top panel (part number MCK67395501) is for washers.

Top panel MCK67395501 covers the top of the washer cabinet.

Unplug the washer and shut off the washer supply before installing this part. Wear work gloves to protect your hands.

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Bucks County, PA.Reviews 1Votes 0
• 1 year ago
Donminator• 1 year ago
DIY people.

Perfect replacement part. Quick delivery. I saved a lot of compared to replacing the washer.

Response from Sears PartsDirect:
Sears Home Services • 1 year ago

We are so pleased to hear that you had such a positive experience. Thank you for taking the time to let us know, we appreciate any and all feedback. Thank you for choosing Sears PartsDirect!

W. Des Moines, IAReviews 1Votes 0
• 2 years ago
tk_tabler• 2 years ago
Not too Difficult But Clear Some Time

The first thing I did with my new Washer Top Panel - tape off/cover the topside. Spray painted the under-side (white), added a clearcoat. This, I hope, will provide better rust protection and longer life....

As with all things electrical: U N P L U G is the first thing you do. Move the washer to give yourself some space. Plan for some water on the floor - have a towel or two at the ready. Mark the water supplies with a Sharpie before removal - acts as a rotation guide when they go back on (no leaks). Leave the washer discharge hose attached if you can - just be careful not to damage it.

Check Youtube for top panel removal Those retaining clips were tough - use a plastic 1" scraper to avoid scratching surfaces. The video is not specific to replacing the the Washer Top Panel but does show a few of the needed disassembly's.

Once the lid is free from those clippy clips, move the the rear and start on the control hood. Keep the screws in groups for proper re-assembly. All the wires need to be disconnected from the circuit board and other locations. The sockets are unique and "locationally" maintained by the wire bundle making replugging error proof. But still, as others have noted; take pictures or video and/or use a sharpie to mark stuff. Some of the sockets are tight so take your time - may need a pair of plyers for better grip (be careful not to damage).

Did I mention take pictures or video and/or use a sharpie to mark stuff? This is important for proper routing and attachment points: wires & hoses.

The rest of disassembly is pretty straight forward - just keep track of screws.

The last thing I did after the Panel was completely removed from the base was remove the glass lid - interesting how that works..... Extra attention and caution here - it's glass and it's expensive - don't break it!!

Now at this time you may want to do a little cleanup around the tub - have a shop vac ready......

Grab your new Top Panel and reverse course - take your time and refer to all those Pics/vids!

Recommended (insurance policy) just-in-case spares (plastic parts):

 >  Washer Tub Fill Nozzle AGB72932402
 >  Washer Bleach Dispenser ACZ72910401 (tub)
 >  Washer Bleach Dispenser MBL62061402 (collar)

Especially important if the rust is at one of these locations - they may break with removal.

Any hoses or hose clamps need to be replaced - head to you local Hardware store.

For less than 200 beans; like new washer and another 8 years of service (at least, I hope). Consider refurbishing the rusted top for a later swap...... If you did it once, you can do it again.

The other repair reviews are spot-on, check them out as well. Good Luck!!

Response from Sears PartsDirect:
MSO offline • 2 years ago

Thank you for sharing your great rating! We thank you for choosing Sears Parts Direct and hope you recommend us to your friends and family.

Southbridge maReviews 2Votes 0
• 2 years ago
Redskydiver72• 2 years ago
Easy install

Took our time installing it looks good always take your time

BostonReviews 1Votes 0
• 2 years ago
Brian321• 2 years ago
It's everything you'd expect

The replacement is quite involved. Take plenty of pictures. In the end it was worth the savings vs buying a new washer!

BaltimoreReviews 1Votes 0
• 2 years ago
Jeff• 2 years ago
OEM perfection

Look just like my original and would have fixed my washer. I did have to return it because the rest of the washer was as rusted as the top I was going to replace.

Response from Sears PartsDirect:
sm • 2 years ago

Hello. We are so glad to hear you had a positive experience with Sears!! We greatly appreciate your feedback. Thank you for choosing Sears!

Average DIYer
CAReviews 1Votes 0
• 3 years ago
Average DIYer• 3 years ago
Kenmore elite washer top replacement

Everything in the order arrived on time and it was all a perfect fit. As mentioned in other posts, the installation was fairly involved not too bad but quite a few steps. Take pictures and a hand drawing made as things were disassembled were helpful as everything was put together.

The main issue for me was figuring out how to take the top cover off. There’s a single screw in each hinge that needs to be removed first, then using a flathead screwdriver I pried the hinges off. I did the spring side first.

Reassembling was easy and fast. Overall it was worth the effort. Our washing machine looks like new.

Reviews 2Votes 0
• 3 years ago
SBoatner• 3 years ago
Kenmore Washer Rusted Bleach Panel

Spouse and I tried to install but we had to hire a technician.

AtlantaReviews 1Votes 0
• 3 years ago
Christie2748• 3 years ago
Easy solution!

I'm so glad I made this purchase. It was relatively easy to replace the top panel.The only tools needed were a screwdriver and a pair of pliers. I also replaced the bleach dispenser, as that is where my previous top had become compromised with rust.