Wine & Beverage Cooler

Model # 46199100700 Official Kenmore wine cooler

Here are the diagrams and repair parts for Official Kenmore 46199100700 wine cooler, as well as links to manuals and error code tables, if available.

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Model diagram and schematic



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Wine Cooler Temperature Sensor DG8-7-W

Cabinet parts diagram

Wine cooler temperature sensor

Part #DG8-7-W

The manufacturer no longer makes this part, and there's no substitute part

Box Cover DG13-2

Cabinet parts diagram

Box cover

Part #DG13-2

This item is not returnable
In Stock
Hinge Cover DG13-12

Cabinet parts diagram

Hinge cover

Part #DG13-12

This item is not returnable
In Stock
Danby Beverage Cooler Door Switch DG9-9

Cabinet parts diagram

Danby beverage cooler door switch

Part #DG9-9

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In Stock
Fan Guard DG19-1

Cabinet parts diagram

Fan guard

Part #DG19-1

This item is not returnable
In Stock
Electrical Box DG22-22.2

Cabinet parts diagram

Electrical box

Part #DG22-22.2

In Stock
Support DG13-7

Cabinet parts diagram


Part #DG13-7

This item is not returnable
In Stock
Wine Cooler Wine Rack DG15-105

Cabinet parts diagram

Wine cooler wine rack

Part #DG15-105

In Stock
Compressor Bracket DG22-89

Cabinet parts diagram

Compressor bracket

Part #DG22-89

In Stock
Power Cord DG2-1

Cabinet parts diagram

Power cord

Part #DG2-1

In Stock

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