Heating & Cooling Combined Unit

Model #PGAA60E1K1 ICP central package

Here are the diagrams and repair parts for ICP PGAA60E1K1 central package, as well as links to manuals and error code tables, if available.

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    Rail Base Ga


    Outside view Diagram

    Rail base ga

    Part #1065001

    In Stock

    Panel Cutoff


    Blower assy Diagram

    Panel cutoff

    Part #1065073

    In Stock

    Filter Bracket


    Outside view Diagram

    Filter bracket

    Part #1065618

    In Stock

    Board Termin


    Control panel Diagram

    Board termin

    Part #612254

    In Stock

    Condenser Fan Orifice


    Outside view Diagram

    Condenser fan orifice

    Part #1065725

    In Stock

    Bracket Ign


    Outside view Diagram

    Bracket ign

    Part #1054275

    In Stock

    Tube Cap


    Inside view Diagram

    Tube cap

    Part #1065510

    In Stock

    Furnace Air Pressure Switch Hose, 1/8 x 24-in


    Inside view Diagram


    In Stock

    Manifold  Se


    Inside view Diagram

    Manifold se

    Part #1004141

    In Stock

    Gasket Coll


    Inside view Diagram

    Gasket coll

    Part #1065210

    In Stock